Aerialist Erendira Wallenda Breaks Husband's 'Iron Jaw' Record 300 Feet Over Niagara

Erendira's stunt will be attempted on the five-year anniversary of Nik's tightrope walk across the falls.

WBFO's Michael Mroziak interviews Erendira and Nik Wallenda following Mrs. Wallenda's successful aerial stunt over Niagara Falls Thursday morning.

Wallenda bit into a customized mouthpiece on a hoop fastened to the bottom of a helicopter that hovered above the falls on Thursday.

Erendira Wallenda performed a series of eye-watering acrobatic stunts while being suspended 300 feet above raging waters at 8.30am local time.

The aerialist spent about eight minutes of the 10-minute stunt hovering over the falls after the helicopter took off from the auto park roof of the nearby Seneca Niagara casino. "I just feel blessed".

After her routine, Erendira waved to the crowd watching her with binoculars and cameras. "It was a lot more windy than I expected it to be".

"I'm actually not hurting", Wallenda said when asked by reporters about her teeth. When it was done, she said her record-setting stunt went by "too fast".

Trapese artist Erendira, also the wife of famed daredevil Nik Wallenda, broke her husband's record by just 50 feet.

Wallenda dangled from her teeth twice - the first time, for 10 seconds, and the second time, for five, according to the Buffalo News.

The best view of the stunt will be from Terrapin Point at Niagara Falls State Park.

Nik and Erendira have been married for 17 years and have three children.

Erendira, a lifetime aerialist, is the product of eight generations of circus performers on her mother's side and seven generations on her father's side.

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"Never give up on your dreams", she said. "That's incredible. That's awesome, '" he said. Legislators thanked the couple for bringing such unique talent and world-renowned acts to Niagara Falls.

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