Sir John Major is 'concerned wary and dubious' over DUP confidence deal

Arlene Foster told ITV news, 'There's been a lot of hyperbole talked about our position to the gay community. When asked about the Daily Telegraph article, Michael Gove, a minister who campaigned for Brexit, told ITV: "This is news to me".

As Britain entered a sixth day of political turmoil, May's team continued talks with Northern Ireland's Democratic Unionist Party (DUP) to secure their support in parliament after May failed to win a majority in Thursday's election.

Asked about Schaeuble's comments, Macron said the EU's door was still open for Britain as long as the negotiations were not finished, but that it would be hard to reverse course.

May is expected to have to agreed concessions in exchange for the DUP's support in no-confidence and government-financing votes, which are essential to keeping a minority government in power.

Moreover, a soft Brexit stance is also likely to please the DUP, which still wants a comprehensive free trade and customs agreement with the European Union, despite its pro-Brexit stance, as well as the guarantee of a "frictionless border" with the Republic of Ireland.

The Irish republican Sinn Fein party which won seven seats in the election although MPs traditionally do not take up their seats in protest is also wary of the alliance.

"She said she will serve us as long as we want her".

"We would restore faith in politics if we could show that this parliament can at least function in presenting a view in the national interest which would command a majority on a cross-party basis", said veteran pro-European Conservative lawmaker Ken Clarke.

Brexit negotiations that were scheduled to begin next week was also likely to be postponed.

Citing unnamed sources, a report by The Times said Chancellor of the Exchequer Philip Hammond is pushing Mrs May not to leave the Customs union - an arrangement that guarantees tariff-free trade within the bloc but prohibits members from striking third-party trade deals. "This new arrangement is very unsettling and people are concerned and anxious about what it may mean, or what promises may be given".

Her social care plans, including the highly criticized "dementia tax", are also bound to be excluded from the Queen's Speech, which was due to take place next Monday but has now been delayed ahead of a deal.

The former Northern Ireland first minister said her meeting with Mr Varadkar was very good and that she was looking forward to a very positive relationship with the Irish premier.

He said: "We are impatiently waiting for the negotiating position of the United Kingdom gov (ernment)".

Mrs May is coming under intense pressure to change her approach to leaving the European Union, with predecessor David Cameron among those suggesting a softer stance with a greater effort to seek consensus.

May apologised to Conservative MPs on Monday, accepting personal responsibility for failing to win an outright victory and sacrificing the parliamentary majority she inherited from her predecessor David Cameron when she came to power a year ago following the UK's vote to exit the European Union (EU).

  • Arturo Norris