GOP, Dem governors call for changes in House health bill

Republican hypocrisy is now so rampant that it's typically ignored or, worse, granted the political class's all-purpose form of absolution: "Everybody does it". In a reminder of why constructive policy talks are so hard, McConnell's office added, "Admitting their law's failures is a welcome first step". Not only had they written a "great plan", Trump said then, but "This has brought the Republican Party together". The wrecking squad works in the shadows knowing that if the public were given time to absorb the damage in store for millions of Americans, the pushback would be enormous.

"On behalf of the Senate Democratic Caucus, I write to request that you and the Republican Conference attend an All-Senators meeting next week on the topic of health care", Schumer wrote in a letter dated June 15.

Trump's comments were described by two GOP congressional sources who received accounts of Tuesday's White House lunch. And the GOP had the opportunity to carry out this process in a manner reflecting transparency and an openness to bipartisan participation. McConnell can only lose three votes to pass the legislation, so any wavering on the bill by GOP members could doom it.

It would also exempt military retirement pay from income taxes and Social Security for residents with incomes under $100,000. Still, conservative Republicans have demanded repeal of all the Obamacare taxes. Others have called for keeping all of the ACA's taxes, but scaling them back, according to the article. But it is not yet clear how or whether he can get the 50 votes he will need to pass the bill.

West Virginia's Legislature voted Friday to quickly ramp up road repairs and reconstruction across the state supported by a higher gasoline tax, raised sales tax on auto sales and higher motor vehicle fees.

A few months ago House Republicans released their budget proposal, which would spend about $800 million less than Democratic Governor Tom Wolf's blueprint and not raise taxes.

Senate leaders have said they're iffy on the terminals, and are reviewing the bill in-depth next week.

There is work here for activists, politicians and the media.

We agree, and we also hope the Senate comes up with a "generous" alternative to the Affordable Care Act, or Obamacare.

But the secrecy doesn't sit well with every Republican senator. Disruption in the face of this violation of legislative norms is no vice. That would make it more hard for women who want coverage that includes all reproductive health options. Leibenluft spoke before the horror of Wednesday's shooting of Rep. Steve Scalise, R-La., and four others, which properly commanded the nation's attention. Not even Trump's top health care adviser. "My constituents expect me to know, and if we had utilized the process that goes through a committee, I would be able to answer not only your questions but my constituents' questions".

We know that the Trump/Russia story will still be there in a month. Where are the massive campaigns that we've seen in the past from them, taking to the public airwaves to stop this juggernaut?

  • Leroy Wright