58 presumed dead in London tower fire

Metropolitan Police Commander Stuart Cundy later clarified that the number of people confirmed dead is 30, but another 28 remain missing and are presumed dead.

Earlier in the day, thousands of people gathered in London to protest over the lack of government response to the deadly Grenfell Tower fire along with those demonstrating May's intention to form a parliamentary coalition between the Conservative Party and the Democratic Unionist Party (DUP) following the United Kingdom snap general election.

Cundy said the figure of 58 included that toll given earlier.

He said on This Week: 'The prime minister would have been shouted at by the residents, but she should have been willing to take that.

Those who lost their homes would be rehoused within three weeks, she said.

Seventy-four people were being treated in hospitals, 20 of whom are in a critical condition. The BBC has reported that there could be as many as 76 people missing. "However, there may be other people who were in there on the night that others were not aware were there", he said.

British Prime Minister Theresa May on Saturday met with victims of the Grenfell Tower fire at 10 Downing Street a day after protesters criticised her for visiting and leaving the scene on Thursday without talking to any of those who had lost their homes in the blaze.

The queen marked her official birthday Saturday by saying Britain remains "resolute in the face of adversity" after the horrendous fire and recent extremist attacks in London and Manchester. "This year, however, it is hard to escape a very somber national mood".

In an interview on Friday, she sidestepped questions on whether she had misread the public mood.

The government has promised a full public inquiry, but that has done little to ease a sense of frustration at the lack of information about how the fire moved so quickly to engulf the building.

Despite that outcome, fire experts say "stay put" is still the best advice - as long as the building has proper fire-suppression protections, such as multiple stairwells, sprinkler systems, fireproof doors and flame-resistant construction materials, some of which were lacking in the London blaze.

Residents furious over the handling of the Grenfell Tower disaster descended on the local town hall Friday in west London, shouting, "We want justice". British officials have ordered a review of other buildings that have had similar renovations.

"The response of the emergency services, NHS and the community has been heroic". More than 3 million pounds ($3.8 million) have been raised for the victims. The measures were announced following the second meeting of the Grenfell Tower Recovery Taskforce, chaired by the Prime Minister. Numerous displaced are living in churches and community centers. "But we need to make sure that that actually happens".

Some Grenfell residents had warned months ago that fire safety issues at the tower left it at risk of a "catastrophic" event.

High-rise tower blocks dating from the 1960s and 1970s could be torn down following the horrific Grenfell Tower fire, Sadiq Khan has said.

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