Xbox One X vs. PS4 Pro vs. Nintendo Switch

During the Microsoft E3 briefing, the tech giant reveals its console's official name, the Xbox One X. The Redmond, Washington based tech titan also revealed that the Xbox One X gaming console will be available on November 7 with a $499 price tag.

And what makes the Xbox One X so interesting for Microsoft is that the kind of folks who buy "premium" consoles like it and the PlayStation 4 Pro are the kind of folks who not only buy more games, they also tend to buy more accessories, and services than the average customer. Not bad going for a form factor that's a fraction smaller than the current Xbox One S.

Microsoft is pretty certain there's a good market for its new Xbox One X game machine, despite its high price point.

According to Spencer, we can expect to hear more on what 343 Industries is up to "soon", in the interim, we can listen to the Head of Xbox chatting about the power of 4K.

After plenty of conjecture and hype, Project Scorpio this week became the Xbox One X.

"Our Xbox One S will sell the most because most people are not into how many [teraflops] does this have versus someone else".

Spencer understands this problem and perception, and he's not unrealistic about how sales of the new console will compare with the Xbox One S, the new base model Xbox One that costs $250.

These servers will support Xbox One, PC, Switch, VR, and mobile.

The hardware is impressive, but the price is a hurdle and the catalogue of 4K games is only just getting started.

While the Xbox One X will certainly be technologically capable of delivering virtual reality there has been no word on this feature from Microsoft.

"I don't want to get into all the numbers, but in aggregate you should think about the hardware part of the console business is not the money-making part of the business", he said.

"We are currently evaluating 4K for Xbox One X. It launches after Destiny 2 and so we are focused on the launch consoles right now". "Xbox Live was something I wanted to focus, coming on Android, iOS, Windows PC because I really want people to play games on the place they want to go play".

Ryan then explained that Sony allowing their PS4 to be accessible for cross-platform play would expose their gamers - some of whom could be young children - to "external influences" from other platforms.

  • Arturo Norris