WH: Trump Has 'No Intention' of Firing Mueller

"I think it's pretty clear by what one of his lawyers said on television recently". Reports this week say Trump may be mulling this move.

Schiff told MSNBC's "Morning Joe" that "I don't think the Congress would sit still and allow the president to pick his own investigator". "So there's no guarantee".

Was it about reports suggesting he was planning to fire the special counsel, Robert Mueller, a highly respected former Federal Bureau of Investigation director, who has been tasked to take over FBI's Russian Federation probe?

After initially being praised by Republicans and Democrats for his integrity, in recent days Mueller's impartiality as special counsel has been questioned by some Trump supporters.

Ruddy appeared on PBS Monday night to reveal that President Donald Trump may be looking to fire Mueller, who is conducting the investigation into the president's campaign ties to Russian Federation. But the president and his aides have not definitively said so. A confidant of Trump says he is considering it. Press secretary said Ruddy has never spoken with Trump about Mueller and is not authorized to speak on the matter, which falls far short of a ringing endorsement for Mueller.

Trump's lead attorney, Marc Kasowitz, also declined to comment.

On the first point, the answer is an unambiguous yes.

The White House appeared blindsided by it, but took hours to address it, triggering speculation it was, one, a plan indeed and Moody was testing the waters for Trump, and two, it was an attempt by a anxious administration to intimidate the counsel and the formidable team of lawyers he was putting together. He said the president could ask his attorney general or, because Jeff Sessions has recused himself, ask his deputy attorney general, a civil servant, Rod Rosenstein, to do it. "So I think the best advice will be to let Robert Mueller do his job". He is scheduled to testify before two congressional hearings on Tuesday and is likely to face even more pointed questions about the Russian Federation probe and the independence of the Justice Department in light of Ruddy's comments.

"If there was a basis upon which there was a question that raised the kind of issues that are serious, as in the situation with James Comey, the President has authority to take action".

"In this kind of environment, I don't give the benefit of the doubt to somebody who can only hire Democrats, but claims that we ought to trust him", Gingrich said.

Mr Ruddy said he spoke to the President on Friday.

That would mean that at least a dozen GOP senators, and more than 40 GOP representatives, would have to join such an effort.

"I think we should let Bob Mueller do his work and get to the bottom of it, and get to the bottom of it quickly so that he can be vindicated, get to these things". "That's what I hope and expect would happen".

Such a bill would probably "pass by a veto-proof margin", Schiff told me. It is likely that he simply is trying to avoid inadvertently getting in the way. I certainly wouldn't want to have that vote on my record.

"You can't exclude the possibility [of Mueller's dismissal]", he continued, "but I think it's just a way of raising doubts about this man who's well respected on both sides of the aisle".

Besides, he added, it should be Congress that carries out an investigation since it is given the role of oversight in the constitution.

Another talk-radio Trump booster, Laura Ingraham, who was rumoured to have been considered for a White House position, directed her followers to a story in a conservative newspaper that suggests Mueller might be tainted.

Ruddy sparked a media firestorm on Monday when he told the "PBS NewsHour" that Trump is considering firing Mueller. Republican lawmakers are urging the Trump administration to release the recordings, if they exist. It requires pretending that they have not actively enabled the serial trampling on rules, norms and constraints - the abuses of power and contempt for the rule of law and our institutional processes - that have characterized Trump's presidency since the beginning.

  • Larry Hoffman