Vice President Pence hires private attorney amid Russian Federation collusion probes

Pence communications director Jarrod Agen confirmed Thursday that Pence hired Richard Cullen, former US attorney who is chairman of McGuire Woods, a Washington-based law firm.

Less than a month after US President Donald Trump retained the services of an attorney to represent him in the Russian Federation investigation, Vice President Mike Pence to do so as well.

According to U.S. Customs and Border Protection data, apprehensions of illegal immigrants at the U.S. -Mexico border fell to 19,967 in May from 42,473 in January, a drop of 53 percent. Cullen was US attorney for the office from 1991 to 1993, before Comey joined the office in 1996.

Despite the tragedy, Pence said the best of America will shine at Thursday night's congressional baseball game, for which the lawmakers were practicing when they were attacked.

Pence has hired Richard Cullen, the chairman of McGuireWoods in Richmond and a former USA attorney with extensive experience handling government investigations, according to a spokesman for Pence.

Mueller is also now investigating whether President Trump obstructed the investigation at all.

The Washington Post was the first to report the news Thursday, noting that Pence had hired former Virginia attorney general Richard Cullen to represent him.

Later in the day, Trump accused investigators and detractors of operating under a double standard.

Going forward, other White House officials will likely follow Pence's lead in hiring their own private attorneys as a protective measure against subpoenas, even though Kasowitz has stressed that such a move is not necessary.

Regardless of the outcome, the spectre of Mueller examining the possibility of obstruction of justice appeared to be a new blow to Trump, whose first five months in office have been clouded by the federal and congressional probes into the Russian Federation issue.

Pence's initial attempt at playing dumb may have worked in the short-term, but the more time that has passed, the more it looks like he, too, is caught up in this major White House scandal and possible obstruction of justice.

Writer and researcher Sarah Kendzior in late May wrote that Pence "lied about whether Trump had said more countries should have nuclear weapons" and "lied about Trump saying he wanted to punish women who had abortions".

"There has been a lot of time spent on the collusion issue - 11 months by the Federal Bureau of Investigation and six months by Congress - and both sides agree they haven't found anything there", Thune said.

  • Leroy Wright