Turkey's Erdogan slams isolation of Qatar: 'It is inhumane and un-Islamic'

DUBAI, June 13 Saudi Arabia's aviation body said on Tuesday that closing its airspace to flights from Qatar was within its sovereign rights to protect its citizens from any threat.

"Resolving this crisis as soon as possible is in the interest of all nations and people", Erdogan said.

The most visible member of the government has been Sheikh Mohammed, who has said Qatar would not "surrender" to the political pressure.

Starting from June 5, Bahrain, Comoros, Egypt, Maldives, Mauritania, Saudi Arabia, United Arab Emirates, Yemen's internationally backed government and one of Libya's three governments have cut off diplomatic ties with Qatar over accusations that the Gulf nation funded militant groups - charges Doha calls baseless.

He said that Qatar has "practically been sentenced to the death penalty" and added that "it is neither humane nor Islamic to attempt to isolate a country's people in every area from food, to drink, to travel, to commerce, to worship".

It added in a statement that the current tensions around Qatar, "exacerbate the hard situation in the entire Middle East region".

Saudi King Salman bin Abdulaziz Al Saud on Tuesday met with the Saudi cabinet to discuss the country's stance on the Gulf crisis, Saudi media reported. The country shares a land border with Saudi Arabia, and more than half of its food comes from its neighbor, as well as most of its milk.

A senior Qatari official says Qatar hosted the Taliban based on a request from the United States, whose president, along with a number of Arab regimes, has been pressuring Doha over what they say is its support for extremist groups.

The Saudi cabinet expressed satisfaction on Qatar-related decisions.

"(The US) should be the leader trying to break this blockade and not sitting and watching what's going on and putting fuel on (the) fire", he said.

The US President insists Qatar funds and supports terrorism at a high level. Headlines in Al-Watan newspaper quoted the Qatari foreign minister as saying "No compromise".

Saudi Arabia's Mecca Al Mukaramah newspaper printed a photo of Trump on its front page, with a red headline: "Qatar has a history of funding terrorism, has to stop".

  • Zachary Reyes