Trump travels to OH to talk on infrastructure

WASHINGTON (CNN) - President Donald Trump, as part of his call for an infrastructure bill, will travel 400 miles to Cincinnati on Wednesday to push his plan to upgrade the United States' inland waterway system of locks and dams.

But on Wednesday, the White House said that the "difference" between the presidents' proposal and Obama's stimulus is the "focus on accountability of how federal tax dollars will be spent", and that the stimulus approach resulted in states substituting federal highway dollars for state dollars.

Speaking in Cincinnati, Ohio, Trump reviewed a proposal announced earlier this year to leverage $200 billion in his budget proposal into a $1 trillion of projects to privatize the air traffic control system, strengthen rural infrastructure and fix bridges, roads and waterways.

This address comes on a busy news day in Washington, D.C. Early this morning, Trump announced that his new pick for Federal Bureau of Investigation director is Christopher Wray, a former Justice Department official.

In his speech at the Rivertowne Marina, Trump revealed his infrastructure plans include $1 trillion in public and private investment.

Trump kicked off what the White House dubbed "Infrastructure Week" on Monday by announcing he wants to peel away air traffic control system operations from the Federal Aviation Administration and privatize it.

During the visit, the president also planned to make remarks on the pending health law overhaul in Congress.

The Republican-controlled House has passed a health care bill that no Democrats supported.

Rate hikes and insurer abandonment of markets - Anthem recently announced that it would drop out of the OH market, for instance - don't necessarily paint as pure of a failure of Obamacare as Republicans say, however.

"We're getting rid of regulations and streamlining approval processes, expediting environmental reviews-thousands and thousands of big, big jobs, thousands of them are being approved rapidly", Trump said.

"Things can move a little faster if you've got a private entity involved", Dinges said.

The infrastructure push comes as the White House seeks to refocus attention on core promises to boost jobs and the economy that Trump made a year ago during his presidential campaign.

But the rollout has been largely overshadowed by Trump's own tweets and the dramatic news surrounding the Comey hearing. Even though Trump was in Cincinnati to speak on his plan for infrastructure improvement, Trump was active in promoting the need for health care reform.

Obamacare is in a "death spiral" and must be urgently reformed, US President Donald Trump argued in remarks delivered in Ohio June 7.

The White House has yet to outline specifics of the infrastructure plan. "Wait until you see what I'm going to do with steel".

"Bold, job-creating investments in our crumbling infrastructure system can and should be a bipartisan priority", she said in a statement.

Trump's campaign promise to invest $1 trillion in rebuilding the nation's airports, roads, bridges and tunnels had produced early hopes among some in Congress that infrastructure would be a rare area where the two major parties could find compromise.

  • Zachary Reyes