Trump Details New Cuba Policy

"President Trump's announcement today is not a total roll back, but it is a setback in U.S. - Cuba relations at a time when 73 percent of Americans want more engagement with Cuba, not less".

Trump's aides contend that Obama's efforts had done nothing to advance political freedoms in Cuba, while benefiting the Cuban government financially.

Trump's revised approach could see a stricter enforcement of a longtime ban on Americans travelling to Cuba as tourists, reported Al-Jazeera.

During a speech yesterday in Miami, Trump portrayed his updated policy as the fulfilment of a campaign promise to reverse Obama's diplomatic rapprochement with Cuba after decades of estrangement.

"Rather than doubling down on the failed policies of the past, President Trump should build on the new course that President Obama set and recognize that diplomacy and people-to-people ties are the best way to bring democracy and prosperity to the people of Cuba".

Speaking in Miami, Florida, Mr Trump said his new policy would put new restrictions on travel and on sending funds to the Caribbean island nation.

"Trump's new measures are created to exert more pressure on Havana to reform itself". In his view, it prevents US companies from conducting business with companies controlled by the Cuban military. "Our new policy begins with strictly enforcing U.S. law", he told a cheering crowd in Miami's Little Havana, the spiritual home of the Cuban- American community. While the Chamber did not specify which countries might supplant American interests in Havana, China has made business headlines in Cuba over the past year, investing hundreds of millions in golf courses, power plants, factories and port facilities.

President Donald Trump is clamping down on some commerce and travel between the United States and Cuba but leaving intact many new avenues President Barack Obama had opened.

While Castro acknowledged that changes in Cuba were necessary, pointing to the ongoing process of modernising and developing the island's economic and socialist model, he insisted that Cuba would decide its own fate independent of foreign influence.

"Six weeks ago, the president gathered with his cabinet and made a clear decision: we are going to do whatever it takes so the Cuban people can be free", Rubio claimed.

Stopping short of reversal, President Trump announced the US would maintain diplomatic relations and that airlines and cruise ships would still be allowed to service the island.

Reversing the policy of pursuing a historic detente, Trump said, "Effective immediately, I am cancelling the last administration's completely one-sided deal with Cuba".

"The self-directed, individual travel permitted by the Obama administration will be prohibited", according to the release.

The new policy aims to starve military-linked businesses of cash by banning any USA payments to them.

The lengthy statement goes on to strike a conciliatory tone, saying Cuba wants to continue negotiations with the US on a variety of subjects. Trump administration officials said yesterday in a conference call with reporters that cruises and flights will not be affected by the new policy. Now we hold the cards.

  • Leroy Wright