The 10 original Xbox games we want to play on Xbox One

Can we expect this of every Xbox One X game that boasts native 4K?

To be fair, Microsoft is doing a better job with its labelling guidelines than Sony, requiring game packaging and digital store pages to display specific logos for HDR and 4K support.

He said: "We are very happy with the quality of the games that are playable on the PS4 Pro, and the feedback that we get back from consumers is also really positive". We will sell more S's than X's, because the price point is important to a lot of people. Games built to leverage the Xbox One X's extra power are labelled with the Xbox One X Enhanced logo, much like PS4 games created to take advantage of the PS4 Pro are marked as PS4 Pro Enhanced. Notoriously, the Xbox One launched in 2013 with a $500 price tag, and that high price is one of the main reasons why the Xbox One lags so far behind Sony's PlayStation 4 in adoption. The PS4 Pro has been available since the end of past year and provides 4K gaming (sometimes natively) and can be called the most powerful console on the market until Xbox One X hits the market that is.

Fast forward to the future and the Xbox One is on store shelves. But the balancing act is offering a games console at an affordable price while still managing to generate a profit.

The console will also be immediately compatible with all existing Xbox One games. Microsoft provides no labelling guidelines for enhancements that sit outside those categories, lumping them all together under the generic "Xbox One X Enhanced" banner. "So that's the point that I love to say, 'What kind of gamer are you?' and let you decide what's best for you", he said. Games included in the Xbox One X are "Metro: Exodus", "Dragonball Fighter Z", "Assassin's Creed: Origins", "Deep Rock Galactic" among others.

Microsoft seriously needs to amp up its game if they possibly want to catch Sony's tail, be it either for exclusive titles or for the VR space.

In an interview conducted by Polygon at E3 2017, Microsoft's Mike Ybarra (Corporate VP of Xbox and Windows Gaming) explained that the Xbox One X could have certainly been priced lower, but that would have compromised its target as a premium console.

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Microsoft unveiled the Xbox One X during the recent E3 event. Video game consoles typically aren't what make money in the video game business - it's the games, accessories, and services that make the money.

Time will tell, but it's hard to see the Xbox One X being a blistering success story right out of the gate. Touting out specs and promises such as 4K resolution and VR ready capabilities, the newest console coming to market is undoubtedly the next step in generational gaming.

  • Carolyn Briggs