Super Mario Odyssey producer explains possession mechanic — Mad hatter

While at E3, COGconnected had the privilege to go hands-on with Nintendo Switch's big holiday 2017 hit, Super Mario Odyssey. Mario's hat can be thrown like a boomerang to knock out enemies or to clear paths. Typical Rare fashion was to put googly eyes on everything, a tradition that Mario now wears, well, on his noggin.

Super Mario Odyssey won't let you bring Luigi along for the ride, but it will let a second player fling Mario's hat around.

The connections between Mario and Banjo don't stop there.

But Super Mario Odyssey, the latest game starring Nintendo's marquee cast of characters, manages to be even stranger than its predecessors. Yup, Banjo's been there.

I think I'll stick to singleplayer, myself.

We got to play an area of New Donk City, a New York-like location where Pauline, the original damsel in distress from 1981's Donkey Kong, now presides over as mayor. It basically does acts that Mario wouldn't be able to accomplish on his own. I liked it! But actually getting my paws on it, there are some things I have to nitpick. Anyhow, player two will be able to fly Cappy around and launch attacks, in addition to controlling the camera. Either way, motion controls will probably end up being moot: Nintendo needs to push the Joy-Con, and people can avoid them if they wish. We also saw a builder Mario suit like he dawns on the cover of Super Mario Maker. While controlling Cappy, you'll be invincible while providing support. The vehicle controls were tough to get a handle on, as was directing a Bullet Bill I took over later in the desert level.

E3 attendees were among the first group to get to play and explore upcoming games like Super Mario Odyssey and Splatoon 2, both for Nintendo Switch.

This style of co-op gameplay is a bit similar to the co-op mode of the "Super Mario Galaxy" games, as pointed out by Eurogamer.

As usual, the turtle-like monster Bowser has kidnapped Princess Peach but this time he wants to marry her. Mario will also have to fight evil wedding planners.

On the agenda this time around was everything from the game design of Super Mario Odyssey to Koizumi's coffee brewing habits - it is an ask me anything, after all.

In order to enjoy the mod, you'll need a computer capable of handling Mario 64 (shouldn't be too difficult), as well as an appropriate emulator and the game file itself.

We knew it was coming, but somehow Ubisoft still managed to surprise us.

  • Carolyn Briggs