Super Mario Odyssey has co-op where you can play as Mario's hat

Nintendo recently held a Treehouse livestream during E3 2017 and has confirmed that "Super Mario Odyssey" will feature local co-op gameplay.

Judging by Nintendo's announced plans for E3, players can expect a whole lot more than just Mario.

Yes, Super Mario Odyssey will have a co-op mode.

The demo runs for half an hour, most of which is played in single-player, so give it a look for even more insight into the next big Mario game. Also, Cappy is unreceptive to damages, making it apt for less experienced players, notes The Verge. They collect some coins and some moons.

A US$499 (RM2,136) price for the Xbox One X encourages console fans to value premium performance, a Super Mario Odyssey hat leads fans to question the nature of Mario's existence, and Spider-Man differentiates itself from the superhero action genre's standard, the Batman: Arkham franchise. Playing as Cappy is a very different story. With the creatures that Mario captures with his hat, he will be able to imitate their abilities. When the mode is activated, Mario's Cappy hovers above his noggin. Both players will also have control of the game's camera as well.

Don't expect to hear Mario preaching about political elements in Super Mario Odyssey! It reminds me a little of games where one player has all the fun and the second player does all the shit jobs. "Super Mario 3D World" had four-player co-op, but camera view was limited due to the number of players on the screen.

Super Mario Odyssey is arguably the most anticipated release in Nintendo's heralded franchise since the launch of Super Mario 64 way back in 1996.

  • Arturo Norris