Super Mario Odyssey Co-Op Mode Demoed In New Footage

What do you think of this Super Mario Odyssey hat throwing mod for Super Mario 64?

It can be played simply with the two Joy-Con the Switch comes with, but that does mean you have to compromise on the camera controls.

Among all of the exciting things that we can expect from the game - the open world feel, the exquisitely designed levels, the ingenious and unique puzzles Mario will have to solve - none received more attention than Mario's magical hat, Cappy. When the mode is activated, Mario's Cappy hovers above his noggin. Players, who control Cappy would be able to perform attacking moves and fly around, along with controlling the camera, notes Polygon. More importantly, Cappy boasts invincibility, so playing him would be ideal for players who can't stomach dying all the time.

"The theme for Mario this time is a grand journey in search of surprise", says Yoshiaki Koizumi - Super Mario Odyssey producer, during an E3 panel presentation.

"That's was certainly intentional on our part", Nintendo producer Yoshiaki Koizumi said during the livestream.

Sticking with game dev for the time being, Koizumi was asked how the Odyssey team came up with the game's "possession" mechanic, which sees Mario tap into his inner poltergeist to possess all manner of living creatures (including a T-rex). "We had a lot of debate to decide if people would accept this kind of playstyle again".

I can't buy a switch, but i can assembly code, so it doesn't matter.

Super Mario Odyssey is the next big first-party title for Nintendo Switch and the game itself sounds fantastic. The vast openness really gave us a Super Mario 64 vibe, and it was nearly overwhelming how much there is to do in any given stage.

  • Carolyn Briggs