Sturgeon faces pressure to drop indyref2 plans

She said: "The idea that the United Kingdom led by this Prime Minister and this Government can just blunder into negotiations starting one week today, I just don't think it's a credible proposition".

The victor will be announced on Wednesday evening, as Parliament gets back to business after the snap election.

Scotland's First Minister was said to be locked away with her most trusted allies to draw up plans to keep her dreams of breaking up the United Kingdom alive.

"Adopting these proposals for the United Kingdom as a whole will bring clarity, in place of the current confusion, and provide a coherent base for the UK's future relationship with the European Union".

SNP MP Tommy Sheppard has pulled out of the race to be the party's new Westminster leader.

However, the party has indicated that the fund - which raised around £480,000 - was due to close down shortly regardless of the election result and said: "The page was taken down because our fundraising efforts were focused on the election".

But one of her MEP's, Alyn Smith, wrote in a column for The National: "If a vote on the terms of Brexit is good enough for the people of Scotland, it is good enough for the people of the United Kingdom too".

"It is now clear that a new proposal is needed urgently to protect the economy and bring people together", Sturgeon said in a letter posted on the Scottish government's website.

"We shouldn't have people slaving away over a hot computer when Scotland has spoken against a second independence referendum".

Edinburgh's call for a special deal to keep Scotland in the single market while the rest of the United Kingdom leaves the bloc has been repeatedly rejected by the British government. If they are now claiming it was for General Election fundraising then they have misled the public, and that is incredibly serious.

The SNP took a battering in last week's election, losing 21 MPs to pro-union parties.

He added: "The First Minister only wants to listen to those in her own party on this issue, and she's turning a tin ear to everyone outside the SNP who just want a break from her political games".

Sturgeon also asked for a cross-party advisory group and for the British government to "reflect on what the election results mean for the important of finding an outcome from Brexit that meets the needs and aspirations of all of the people and nations of the UK".

  • Leroy Wright