Secret Service claims to not have Trump tapes

The agency made the disclosure on Monday in response to a freedom of information request by The Wall Street Journal.

Prior to Comey's June 6 testimony to the Senate Intelligence Committee, Trump tweeted a message to the former FBI Director, cautioning him about the possibility of any possible tapes that existed.

On Friday, June 9th President Trump is so clear in saying that there are conversations between him and James Comey.

The Wall Street Journal asked the Secret Service to submit all the record in White House on or after November 8th, 2017.

May 31: White House officials tell The New York Times that Trump will indeed pull the USA from the Paris Climate Agreement, despite opposition from both Democrats and Republicans.

"Comey understood Trump had the right to fire him, but he didn't buy the official explanation - that it was how he treated candidate Hillary Clinton".

The week of Comey's testimony, Trump was asked whether or not he had made any recordings of his conversations with Comey.

Then again, throughout his business career, Trump has had a long history of secretly recording his phone calls with people, as the Washington Post's Marc Fisher wrote last month. The order also covers separate inquiries into several key Trump associates including former national security adviser Michael Flynn, campaign adviser Paul Manafort, foreign policy aide Carter Page and outside adviser Roger Stone.

It's also the latest example of a scandal-exhausted White House looking to get its agenda back on track by outsourcing, to the degree that it can, the public relations slog surrounding politically inconvenient questions to outside attorneys, allies, and advocacy groups.

President Donald Trump confirmed Friday he was under investigation and appeared to take aim at a senior Justice Department official, in a tweet that seemed to encapsulate his frustration with the ongoing focus on Russia's involvement in the 2016 election. It was this leak - the leak Trump that had asked Comey to drop the Flynn investigation - that prompted Deputy Attorney General Rod Rosenstein to recuse himself from the case and appoint Bob Mueller as special counsel. If they did not hear them shortly, you would disappoint when you look to the Comey answers.

They addressed another letter to Comey, asking for copies of the memos he wrote documenting his conversations with Trump.

Spicer is now waiting to hear the Trump directly, and he is about to discuss it whenever he wants.

  • Larry Hoffman