Official news is BAD for Xbox One X players

This program is Microsoft's way of having its cake and eating it too, since it allows the company to keep its promise that all Xbox games will work on both the Xbox One and the Xbox One X while still positioning the Xbox One X as the best place to play them.

"You ask who is that person today?"

Given Bethesda's stance on supporting Microsoft we very well could see The Elder Scrolls III: Morrowind playing on an Xbox One soon.

It seems that an Xbox-PlayStation cross-platform play will be a distant dream after the head of Xbox called Sony's reasons for blocking it "unhealthy". There was still a lot of excitement over the news that a Pokemon game in the core RPG series of the franchise is now in development for the Switch. I think it's a shame that sometimes great games get lost when consoles go away. Developers aren't going to suddenly make games only in 4K and demand their engines run specifically on the higher quality console. The PS4 Pro has been available since the end of past year and provides 4K gaming (sometimes natively) and can be called the most powerful console on the market until Xbox One X hits the market that is.

"We are investing in new things, we've signed things just recently". So in that world I have to show them an experience that's demonstrably better. So I think we wanted to have a really strong E3 around talking about the product and talking about the games. Ryan seems mostly unfazed about Microsoft's highly anticipated Xbox One X console, VG 24/7 reported.

Now that the Project Scorpio has been revealed in its full glory as the Xbox One X, gamers have been contemplating a big decision: Should I wait, or buy the Xbox One S while it is on sale? And that's where we started with Xbox One X.

In the end, the Xbox One X isn't built for everyone and if you should upgrade is really about personal preference. This is significantly more than the 4.2 tflop of which the existing PS4 Pro is capable, while both of these consoles is massively more powerful than the Nintendo Switch. Games included in the Xbox One X are "Metro: Exodus", "Dragonball Fighter Z", "Assassin's Creed: Origins", "Deep Rock Galactic" among others.

Ryan's explanation also did not sit well with Microsoft, with Xbox chief Phil Spencer taking offense on the apparent accusation that Microsoft does not protect children who play on their online networks. If Microsoft is to shift significant numbers of units of the Xbox One X, it must convince gamers that the extra money is worthwhile; certainly a challenge considering Sony's massive advantage in installed user base.

  • Arturo Norris