London tower block inferno: What we know

Grenfell Tower, the 24-story building that was engulfed in flames early Wednesday, had been the subject of resident complaints over fire safety for years. Posters of missing people are pasted on many walls, and being worn as T-shirts. She has also launching a public inquiry into the fire, demanding that Londoners "deserve answers".

The statement read: 'My thoughts and prayers are with those families who have lost loved ones in the Grenfell Tower fire and the many people who are still critically ill in hospital. "We know that at least 30 people have died as a result of this fire". "We have examined the original location where the fire started, and there is nothing to suggest at this time that the fire was started deliberately", he said.

The charred remains of the burned out building stand blackened alongside near identical neighboring tower blocks.

Early reports say the fire started on the second level, and quickly spread through all 22 floors on top of of it.

But the visits, which took place more than 48 hours after the devastating fire broke out, have done little to quell the growing anger over the way Mrs May has dealt with the tragedy.

The lack of a sprinkler system at Grenfell and the tower's controversial cladding have added to the feelings of anger among locals, who have lashed out at several politicians.

Khan said one of the things the public inquiry will look into is the refurbishment of the tower blocks and whether the tower block was refurbished in a safe way. Some observers asked whether hazards in the Grenfell complex, which had 120 apartments that housed as many as 600 people, were ignored because its residents are mainly poor.

"Government is making money available, we are ensuring we are going to get to the bottom of what happened, we will ensure that people are rehoused, but we need to make sure that that actually happens".

May made a private visit to the Chelsea and Westminster Hospital which is treating eight survivors on Friday afternoon, after being heavily criticized for attending the site but not meeting the Tower block's residents. "She should have been there with the residents".

Emergency services were called to the 24-storey residential tower block shortly before 01:00 BST on Wednesday. "You have to be prepared to receive people's emotions, and not be so frightened about people", former Conservative cabinet minister Michael Portillo told the BBC.

The queen, sporting a royal blue ensemble, met with volunteers, local residents and community representatives throughout their visit, as William reportedly called the tragedy "one of the most bad things I have seen".

  • Zachary Reyes