List of GOP lawmakers found in Virginia shooter's pocket

The FBI also recovered a cell phone, a computer and a camera in the shooter's van and is processing the items, according to a statement the agency issued on Thursday.

Sue Hodgkinson said she was informed of her husband's involvement when a reporter from ABC news called just hours after the attack.

Mrs Hodgkinson said the separation came after their foster daughter and her daughter moved into their two-story home which is surrounded by sprawling countryside. The announcer's mention of Rep. Steve Scalise, the House majority whip who was critically wounded in the attack Wednesday, brought the masses to their feet.

Wounded U.S. Capitol Police officer David Bailey set aside one of his crutches and threw out the game's first pitch.

"After Congresswoman Gabby Giffords was shot we had a very concentrated effort to educate the staff and offices, that they have to share with the police...when they get threats", he said.

She said she had not seen her husband since March.

"She's scared to death and she can't believe it happened now her life is disrupted because of what he did", said Richard Wagner, Chief Deputy of the St. Clair County Sheriff's Department. The shooter's wife told the press she thought her husband went to Washington, D.C., to work on tax policy.

After getting out of a black SUV that drove down Rolling Hills Lane from the Hodgkinson home, Sue Hodgkinson stood next to a federal agent in front of a gaggle of reporters.

"She had no idea he would do this". When asked what she wanted to say to the families of the injured, she said she "didn't know who was shot".

Schaumleffel never actually knew Hodgkinson said now he'd never forget the day he was out there shooting. But people here are wondering, you know, how much the political divide now in the country has to do with what happened.

"What makes a guy do something like that?"

"He said, 'I understand, ' and said he needed to take the gun to a range to shoot it, Watson said". "It doesn't matter whether you're Republican, Democrat, black or white, Muslim or whatever". When that woman's boyfriend confronted Hodgkinson, he struck him in the face with a shotgun before firing off a round as the man fled, a police report said. It wasn't 'Hey, do you mind if I used the bike?' It was like, 'Hey, you're in my way. Clyburn charged that Trump "is allowed to hide behind political correctness to say all kinds of things about people, and I'm a little bit sick and exhausted of people saying anything they want to say about anyone they want to say it about".

  • Leroy Wright