Law School Disputes Background of Trump's New Housing Leader

She also worked for the past six years as VP of the Eric Trump foundation, which is now under investigation for its financial ties to the Trump Org. She also described herself as being in charge of "handling all calendar appointments". However, this is not just any event planner but the one who coordinated Eric Trump's wedding day.

"Lynne Patton, who has no housing experience, has worked as a vice president at the Eric Trump Foundation and helped arrange Eric Trump's wedding, according to the Daily News".

She also helped run the Eric Trump Foundation, which is under investigation by the NY attorney general for possibly funneling millions of dollars intended for child cancer research to the Trump Organization, from 2011 until January, several weeks after Eric Trump ended his own involvement with the charity. "But if this is our greatest error, then I have no regrets and will own it for the rest of my life".

She will oversee the distribution of billions in taxpayer dollars to public housing authorities, including the New York City Housing Authority. As for her education, Patton lists a juris doctorate degree in 2000 from Quinnipiac University School of Law in CT on her LinkedIn page; however, the school registrar told the Daily News she only attended for two semesters and did not graduate.

The deconstruction of the administrative state continues apace, and descends to low comedy, unless you happen to live in federally subsidized housing in the city of NY.

"We're through the looking glass here with so many things we're seeing in the Trump administration", Mayor de Blasio said. Her connection to Yale also remains unclear and unverified - HUD officials could not confirm to the publication why she had listed the Ivy League institution. Safety and security measures for our buildings.

The cuts have severe implications for de Blasio's city. New York's aging buildings require around $17 billion in repairs and more than 70 percent of NYCHA's operational budget comes from HUD, which also funds its capital fix budget in full. Currently, more than $13 billion also comes from HUD to cover relief efforts linked to Hurricane Sandy, which hit in 2012 and left several states dealing with years worth of repairs.

"The position is now vacant", he told WNYC. That's good news for longtime Trump loyalist Lynne Patton, the White House's latest hire.

Patton appeared to address the "N/A" on what appears to be her personal Twitter page, pointing out that she attended but did not graduate, so the N/A referred to graduation.

  • Larry Hoffman