Kayleigh Morris removed from Big Brother House over 'threatening behaviour'

The married pair left together to be greeted by the Channel 5 reality programme's host Emma Willis and cheers from the crowd gathered outside the TV lock-up. "This will be covered in tonight's show 9pm, Channel 5 #BBUK" they added.

Kayleigh Morris has been removed from the Big Brother house over "threats of actual violence".

A statement from Channel 5 has been released saying: "Kayleigh has been removed from the house".

She has proved herself to be a fiery character in the house after she told Gemma Collins that she would "actually kill Charlotte Crosby" if she saw her.

Kayleigh - who previously starred on MTV's Ex on the Beach - has been a controversial character in the house.

Marnie's friend and former co-star Charlotte Crosby had a falling out with Kayleigh during filming of Ex on the Beach.

After confessing that she's like to snog her hunky housemate earlier in the week, Marnie's wish has come true.

The 24-year-old actress has been at loggerheads with the "Geordie Shore" star since she claimed the brunette beauty tried to copy her behaviour in order to raise her profile, but it doesn't look like a truce will happen any time soon as Stephanie has now made another dig by suggesting she will do anything to make her ex Lewis Bloor jealous.

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"She went "Just so you're aware I was fully clothed under the covers we didn't have sex and I'm really sorry", Marnie explained.

To which Marnie responded: "I just don't know why because she's so lovely". Why didn't you just send it to me?' She just gave us a stupid excuse and said "sorry".

"But she wasn't though", said Kayleigh. I said 'Girls like you aren't sorry.

"My f***ing boyfriend has Charlotte Crosby's f***ing tattoo on his f***ing leg, I'm sick of it".

"I felt absolutely bad".

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