Greater polarisation is the real victor in the United Kingdom election

The UK Labour Party, by contrast, increased their vote by about 15% in the eight-week period and won about 30 seats. After losing 12 seats, May no longer has a majority in Parliament, whereas Corbyn has defied virtually all forecasts by gaining 29. And there's an even more positive picture among those who voted Labour in the last election.

"The time is probably right to strengthen the shadow cabinet".

The prime minister is now about as unpopular with the public as Corbyn was shortly before Christmas.

For the Jewish community, the results of the election we never needed are a mixed blessing. Young people crippled by debt, spending up to seventy percent of their wages paying rent to unscrupulous landlords for inadequate shelter; older people most in need of our NHS seeing it being starved of funds and being privatised by stealth. Under any other leader many of you would have been without a job. We gave our leader a standing ovation - and he lost'.

"I have been very impressed by the work that Corbyn has done and the campaign that he is running and I wish him the very best", the senator declared in a speech at the Brighton Festival.

He said the election had struck at the heart of old electoral logic that announcing tax rises before going to the polls could only spell disaster because Labour had provided a "costed manifesto" and pledged not to tax the lowest paid, hardest.

LABOUR LEADER JEREMY CORBYN has ratcheted up the new left-wing dividing lines in Scottish politics with a pledge to focus on revitalising Labour support north of the border.

SBC's Bookies" Corner'gauges the impact of the Snap Election results on the United Kingdom political landscape, as Theresa May handles a fragile government ahead of entering Brexit negotiations, while opposition leader Jeremy Corbyn appears to have "come back from the dead'... Already, people are recalling that Mr. Cameron's coalition with the Liberal Democrats survived for a full 5-year term, but this time around the Lib Dems are unwilling to support the new Conservative government. That promise from the Tories has been completely shattered because they moved the date to clear the deficit back from 2015 to 2020 and then running into this election they moved it back to 2025.

Young idealists following the Corbyn cult and Tory voters most interested in so-called strength of leadership both risk advocating politics as a means of pushing uncompromised values, which if we were to mirror in our daily lives, would be a risky development in an already fragile climate. We are now having technical discussions about the single market and customs union, but that actually isn't what we should be focussing on. It's frightening that a party with such an anti-European stance might play a part in Brexit negotiations.

Fitzpatrick, who chairs the all-party group on fire safety and rescue, struggled to get his point across to our presenter, before eventually saying he would back the requisitioning of property to house those who previously lived in the tower - but only on a temporary basis.

  • Larry Hoffman