Game tips: 'Super Mario Odyssey' headlines Nintendo E3 2017 showing

Super Mario Odyssey won't let you bring Luigi along for the ride, but it will let a second player fling Mario's hat around. While controlling Cappy, the second player is able to fly around independently from Mario, which they show off by solving a puzzle involving collecting music notes. The co-op mode was shown during Nintendo's E3 Treehouse Live stream, giving viewers a chance to witness Mario and Cappy in action together.

It seems very similar to Sonic The Hedgehog 2 where player two could help Sonic as Tails without causing much damage when getting hit by badniks.

Super Mario Odyssey and other Switch games. However, during the event, Nintendo did drop a hint that Mario could control Cappy in some way, but how, it was not revealed in the demo.

In addition to the usual yellow coins, Odyssey has purple coins that can only be used in the level in which they're collected. In Holiday 2017, a highly anticipated Super Mario Odyssey becomes the high profile system-selling exclusive, featuring a special hat that allows Mario to poltergeist his way into controlling other characters, enemies, and objects.

Each Kingdom has its own special coins that can be used to buy outfits to change Mario's appearance The three Super Mario Odyssey amiibo will let you unlock each character's wedding outfit, while all amiibo now on sale will also be supported. Various retailers have made the game available for pre-orders.

"The theme for Mario this time is a grand journey in search of surprise", says Yoshiaki Koizumi - Super Mario Odyssey producer, during an E3 panel presentation.

Within he talks about the story, which sees Princess Peach kidnapped by Bowser but, this time, he's planning a wedding.

  • Arturo Norris