Florida Rep. Desantis describes scene before Congressional shooting

"An individual comes up, and says, 'Is that Republicans or Democrats out there?' And Jeff said they were Republicans", he said.

The shooter has been identified as James Hodgkinson, age 66, from Belleville, Illinois.

DeSantis said the man who talked to him was not carrying anything at the time and said he told the police what had happened. A few minutes later, a shooter opened fire on Republican members of Congress shortly after 7 a.m., wounding at least five people, including Majority Whip Rep. Steve Scalise of Louisiana. Two Capitol Police officers were also wounded.

Per the Congressional Baseball roster, Rep. Duncan is the only SC lawmaker on the team.

Since he's in the congressional leadership, Scalise's security detail was at the field in Alexandria, just outside of Washington. During a press conference authorities from Alexandria and Capitol Police said it is very early on in the investigation and they will not say much about the incident.

Northeast Florida Congressman Ron DeSantis is one of the members of the Republican baseball team whose practice was interrupted by gunfire.

"Being in the military, you think about things differently", he said. The suspect was killed after exchanging shots with police at the scene.

"I think that the president contributed to this significantly", said Rep. James Clyburn of SC, the No. 3 House Democrat.

"Based on the question he asked me, I would make that assumption because he asked me if this team was the Republican or Democrat team practicing".

That hearing was ultimately canceled, along with most other business on Capitol Hill, as lawmakers grappled with the events of the day.

"You never expect a baseball field in America to feel like being back in a combat zone in Iraq", said Ohio Rep. Brad Wenstrup, an Army reservist who served as a combat surgeon in Iraq and was on the field Wednesday when the shooting began. DeSantis later told CNN that Duncan responded to the man that those practicing were Republicans.

"It's not a secret that we're there", Rooney said.

"I look around here: we do have tough debates, but I'm not sure that if Congress thinks if a little bit of the debate is made a little bit more civil, that it's going to change a guy like that".

  • Leroy Wright