Death toll in London tower block fire rises to 30

"So it is right that in addition to the immediate fire report that will be produced and any potential police investigation, we do have a full public inquiry to get to the bottom of this".

"We need to know what happened", May said in a televised statement.

Adele is showing her support for everyone affected by the deadly fire at London's Grenfell Tower.

The fire in the block in west London burned for hours, and authorities fear that the official death toll of 30 is likely to rise, with numerous dead unlikely ever to be identified.

Both royals had been talking to residents, with many still awaiting news of their loved ones amid fears the death toll could rise to 100. "It is important to be frank - fires are still breaking out and conditions are very hard and hazardous for the emergency services in the upper levels of the building".

Earlier on Friday, May met victims privately at a central London hospital.

Firefighters searching the smoldering ruin in west London have recovered six bodies from the 24-story Grenfell Tower, while 11 others have been located but can not yet be removed from the gutted structure.

She also said: "I have heard horrifying stories from the fire brigade, from police and from victims themselves who were in that tower, but also from other local residents, some of whom of course have not been able to go back to their homes either".

British Prime Minister Theresa May visited the injured in hospital on Friday but is herself under mounting criticism for not meeting victims of the blaze sooner.

The Queen met with volunteers, and expressed her sympathies to families of victims of the blaze. "We welcome the prompt calls for a public inquiry - and want to see all state and non-state organizations co-operate fully and as quickly as possible", said human rights group Liberty's Head of Legal Casework, Emma Norton in a blog. "As you can appreciate, it's a very large building with a large number of people in there".

Suggesting spending cuts may also have a role to play, he said: "If you deny local authorities the funding they need, then there is a price that's paid".

Javid said inspections of similar buildings had been ordered, with particular attention to the modern cladding used to beautify and add an insulation layer to ageing concrete and steel structures.

There are reports that the cladding on the London tower block destroyed by a fire may have accelerated the blaze, writes Claire Anderson.

Opposition Labour leader Jeremy Corbyn, London mayor Sadiq Khan, Prince William and Queen Elizabeth, 91, have all visited residents from the tower which housed around 600 people.

Detective Superintendent Fiona McCormack said the lingering threat had also hampered the process of recovering bodies.

Dozens of people attending an angry protest for victims of the Grenfell Tower fire tragedy stormed the town hall in London's richest borough on Friday (June 16), accusing the authorities of ignoring their plight.

  • Zachary Reyes