DC shooting has brought some much-needed unity to Congress

Pence, a former House leader, visited his former colleague just a day after a gunman opened fire at the Virginia field where Republicans were practicing baseball in advance of the annual congressional game.

The crowd started clapping and chanting United States of America after the first pitch was thrown by injured Capitol Police Officer David Bailey, one of the two officers on the congressman's security detail who've been credited with saving his life and potentially many others.

Top US Republican lawmaker Steve Scalise remains hospitalized in critical condition after being shot this week but has improved, his surgeon said Friday as he expressed optimism about the legislator's prospects for recovery.

U.S. representative Steve Scalise, the No. 3 House Republican, has shown improvement in the past 36 hours after being shot by a man who opened fire on Republican lawmakers at a baseball practice earlier in the week, his lead surgeon said on Friday. Hodgkinson died after being shot by police.

The bullet shattered one of his hips and tore through internal organs, leaving the Congressman in shock and requiring several liters of blood and three surgeries-two on Wednesday and one early Thursday morning.

The risk is lower than when Scalise was brought in to the hospital, Sava noted, adding that he more confident and optimistic about the congressman's condition.

The gunman, identified by authorities as 66-year-old James Hodgkinson from Belleville, Illinois, was killed in a gunfight with Capitol Hill police officers during the attack.

But Mr. Scalise is expected to recover. "We will provide periodic updates", it further stated.

They came from all over the country Thursday night to watch congressmen play a game that they have played for more than 100 years - the congressional baseball game pitting Republicans against Democrats for charity at Washington Nationals Stadium. But Democrats and Republicans recognized that what happened to Louisiana Rep. Steve Scalise, the third-ranking member in the House, could happen to anyone in public life.

They said that his "risk of death" has substantially lowered than when he arrived at the hospital. Both officers have been released from the hospital, and Capitol Police Chief Matthew Verderosa said Griner is now in "good condition".

Wednesday's shooting left five people wounded, including Scalise; Griner; Tyson Foods director of government relations Matt Mika; Zack Barth, a staffer for Rep. Roger Williams, R-Texas; and Special Agent David Bailey.

  • Leroy Wright