Curry, Durant committed to Golden State

It also created lofty expectations for Durant, with many onlookers saying his move would be a failure if the Warriors did not go on to win a title in their first season together.

And because that was not enough for the Warriors, they absolutely had to woo Kevin Durant in free agency last summer.

"Kevin Durant is the best player in all of basketball right now".

"The last couple of days I've thought about it", he said.

"We're obviously just getting started", the two-time NBA Most Valuable Player said. We'll work something out.

Now, Smith used the ESPN platform to revisit those comments thanks to Durant's mother, Wanda. We have the parade, we just won a title. We are a championship-winning team.

James' Heat teams and the previous Celtics nucleus were closer to super teams by Durant's definition, with the Celtics at one point possessing four All-Stars and the Heat signing adding the reigning MVP and Chris Bosh to join Dwyane Wade.

ABC will likely see final adjustments from Nielsen secure the series as its most-watched (on average) in almost 20 years, though the series' conclusion won't reach the highs of last year's Game 7.

The framework is in place to sustain what is considered a juggernaut squad.

Kevin Durant and Curry said they received messages from Obama after beating Cleveland on Monday. "What we've built here is truly special".

"Once it hits zero and you see that excitement in their faces, it's nearly like in a lost world because you have no idea what to do", he said.

It was their second championship in three years. So, it is a business. There are decisions that need to be made every single year and you've got to assess the situation as it is.

While Durant was the No. 2 overall pick, Curry and Klay Thompson arrived later in their respective lotteries - Curry as the No. 7 pick in 2009 and Thompson going No. 11 in 2011.

On Wednesday, Curry said that "as a team", the Warriors will "have a conversation" about a possible White House visit.

Even from six rows back, 9- and 10-year-old brothers William and Rizal Cahambing were not going to miss a chance to see their favorite Golden State Warriors player, Stephen Curry, as he rode atop a double-decker bus during Thursday's parade to celebrate the team's latest championship. I'll have that mindset, KD's going to have that mindset, I know Dre, Shaun, all the guys that are up for negotiating a new contract.

  • Julie Sanders