Apple's iOS 11 will make iPhone 5 and 5c obsolete

What makes this update so unusual is that it is the first time that Apple will be cutting off support for many of their devices mid-cycle before a major version change. But there are plenty of exciting tricks under the hood of iOS 11, including a simpler way to join Wi-Fi networks.

Head over to Settings iTunes & App Stores scroll down to the bottom, where you can find Offload Unused Apps option, just toggle the button to disable the feature.

Apple's WWDC brought a lot of improvements and new features to their iOS that will soon see its eleventh iteration.

From the June 2018, Apple App Store for iOS and MacOS will only accept the apps, which support the 64 Bit architecture. Apple Maps and other navigation apps, like Google Maps, will work, but not without a bit of difficulty, CNN said.

Another cool feature of iOS 11 is the Apple Pencil, which you can use to draw on your iPad, take screenshots, sign and takes notes in your handwriting.

"Most apps from the last four years or so should be compatible, unless they haven't been updated since 2015".

But some popular games and educational apps have not been updated since the 64-bit requirement was introduced. The good part about the feature is that it not only organises files on your iPad and iPhone but also those in apps, in iCloud and in Dropbox. From there, tap iPhone Storage.

NFC, or Near Field Communications, is the tech used to make payments on your phone via Apple Pay and to check in using virtual boarding passes at the airport. So, how does the new iOS 11 bypass Snapchat's most important feature? What this feature does is that it automatically deleted unused applications to free up space. Again, you'll need to log in to your Apple account from the device of your choosing, and choose the "Download Profile" option.

Sharing wi-fi passwords are often tedious.

  • Arturo Norris