Upgrade from Windows 10 S to Windows 10 Pro

And a different reviewer. But presumably that's why Microsoft has introduced the Surface Laptop. It has evolved the tablet category into something way more capable and functional.

It's a closer angle to what Microsoft did with the Surface Studio, which is designed specifically with artists in mind.

The Pro's own design is a bit of a mixed bag, though.

It also has fantastic battery life. And this makes even less sense now that Microsoft has a laptop SKU *and* Surface Book.

I'm not trying to imply it's too heavy to lift, and yes, it's a hugely powerful device, with a screen that's 12.3 inches across. It can be outfitted with one of three Intel processors (7th generation Core m3, the i5 or the i7) and one of three integrated graphics processors (Intel HD Graphics 615 (m3), 620 (i5) and 640 (i7)). Touted as a flawless blend of portable and powerful, the new Surface Pro (no longer burdened with a model number) aims to appeal to mobile creative professionals as a ideal companion to their art. For that reason I'm probably not the best person to review the pens ability to edit images on the Surface Pro.

Now, I've read plenty of other reviews of the Surface and they all say the keyboard is really good, considering it's incredibly slim and essentially made of a kind of plasticky fabric. Yes, it's a fantastic achievement when you consider its dimensions and what it's made of. Microsoft says that this machine can get over 13 hours of video playback which I consider a vanity metric as few people will only play video but under a wide variety of use-cases, I'm averaging around 8.5 hours or so. That, mixed with the lack of a full-sized SD port puts the same complaints many toss at the latest Apple MacBook Pros right back at Microsoft.

Who could have foreseen that, five years ago, when the brand was run by Steve Ballmer, a man with all the aesthetic judgement of Theresa May?

The strengths and weaknesses of the Surface Pro form factor remain the same as always. Notably, the Office apps have made their way to Windows Store just in time for the company's new Surface laptops, which start shipping from Thursday and also run Windows 10 S.

The desktop versions of Word, Excel, and PowerPoint are now available from the Windows Store, but you still need an Office 365 subscription to use them. I got a slick 60fps out of Dirt Showdown running at 720p with High settings and bumping the resolution up to 1080p still produced a playable 30fps.

Here are the statters that matter. Their designers focused on creating great experience with a mouse and keyboard, forgetting that many Windows users might interact with a Pen and finger.

The model used to write this is a top-of-the-line i7 with 16GB of RAM and it flies through everything I've attempted so far, including 4K mobile clips and playing, er, Left for Dead 2.

Again, this configuration is priced at $2,199 without a keyboard and Surface Pen. The existing Pen, in conjunction with Microsoft's Ink suite, is excellent. It will be disheartening in a couple of years to have a PC without the connector type.

Even with the keyboard included, though, the Core i5 model looks pretty competitive. I've been using the i7 and though it does still employ a fan, it is very, very quiet.

It's a curious notion, too, and one that next year will actually cost money to flip the switch on, but you have to wonder why Microsoft hasn't gotten behind more companies to push them into its app store.

This is where it all breaks down for me, as a non artist/designer.

The Surface line's success is actually part of the issue.

What's nice is that the Surface Pro is fast. It's a very good tablet keyboard. Turns out it can.

You can't even find Google Chrome, meaning Microsoft's Surface Laptop will lean hard on Edge instead.

In addition, Microsoft has taken to its support forum to make Windows users aware of the limitations of the preview versions of its Office apps. Those who are looking for a desktop-grade tablet, it is best to with the Surface Pro 2017, reports Tech Times.

  • Arturo Norris