Uber may ask CEO Travis Kalanick to step down temporarily

More over in the a year ago or so, Mr Kalanick has earned a status as an uncompromising leader and was condemned heavily after being caught on video berating an Uber driver.

The company is also dealing with a Justice Department investigations into tools that it used to evade law enforcement personnel in cities where the authorities were trying to shut down its ride-hailing service.

- Uber's board met on June 11 to discuss a report from former U.S. Attorney General Eric Holder on his investigation into the ride-sharing company's culture and practices.

Holder's report is based in part on those 215 claims, which largely focused on discrimination and sexual harassment at the company.

Emil Michael was a senior vice president for Uber.

The report is expected to reveal damaging information about inappropriate behavior at the company, disclosing instances of sexual harassment, retaliation and bullying, according to Fox. This related to the handling of a sexual assault case in India in December of 2014. But there was no word yet on any action related to Kalanick or other executives.

He's a "scrappy entrepreneur, " she said during the call, but one who needed to bring "changes in himself and in the way he leads."The board meeting comes fresh on personal tragedy in Kalanick's life".

Martello, a career operator, brings a great deal of financial experience to the company, having previously served as the CFO of Walmart International, the CFO of Nestle and is now on the board of directors and audit committee of Alibaba Group Holdings.

An Uber executive is reportedly planning to resign as soon as Monday as investigations into the company's inappropriate workplace culture expand.

On Tuesday, Uber responded to that report's findings by saying the company had fired 20 employees for a variety of reasons, and was increasing training and adopting new policies.

Uber is also reportedly weighing a leave of absence for Kalanick following the death of his mother in a boating accident last month. Kalanick's father suffered moderate injuries.

Although Kalanick's leave is as yet unconfirmed, it may not come as a surprise.

He said in response to the video: "I must fundamentally change as a leader and grow up".

Any sort of reduction in involvement for Kalanick could be seen as a negative by outsiders.

The biggest unanswered question remains the future of Kalanick as CEO of the company. He was also present on a trip with Kalanick that resulted in a formal complaint by a female Uber employee.

Other women at Uber made similar claims about the same manager, Fowler wrote. One is the former head of global and consumer marketing for iTunes and Apple Music, Bozoma Saint John.

  • Zachary Reyes