Uber board to adopt recommendations of Eric Holder investigation

A senior Uber executive has left the company a day before the results of a far-reaching inquiry into the firm's management and workplace culture are made public.

Full view will be published shortly.

The board met Sunday to discuss the recommendations, which reportedly include a suggestion that Uber SVP Emil Michael, a trusted confidant of CEO Travis Kalanick, be asked to leave the company.

One of Uber's top executives and CEO Travis Kalanick's closest aid Emil Michael, has chose to leave the company.

The engineer, former Uber employee Susan Fowler Rigetti described systematic sexual harassment in which she and female co-workers at the company were openly propositioned for sex and other "inappropriate behavior" by a supervisor.

The debate over Kalanick's future comes as he is also facing a personal trauma: His mother died last month in a boating accident, in which his father was also badly injured.

The executive shuffle at Uber has officially begun. Recent reports indicate that the aforementioned possibility of Kalanick stepping down from his CEO role for a limited period is somewhat realistic and the company's top executive may return to the San Francisco, California-based firm in a more limited role or with even more oversight.

Uber is set to make a number of changes as its board of directors voted unanimously to implement recommendations from a report triggered by allegations of sexual harassment and other employee concerns.

Kalanick, who cofounded the ride-hailing company in 2009 with Garrett Camp, now finds himself the centre of an investigation into the alleged toxic working culture at Uber. Michael may be best known outside the company for suggesting in 2014 that the company could hire researchers and reporters to target journalists who were critical of the company.

"Uber has a long way to go to achieve all that it can, and I am looking forward to seeing what you accomplish in the years ahead", Emil Michael. There have been reports that top officials, including Uber's CTO and one of its board members, might be put under the microscope.

Holder and Arianna Huffington, an Uber board member, declined to comment as they emerged from the meeting.

In addition to firing 20 employees, Uber said Tuesday that it was hiring an Apple marketing executive, Bozoma Saint John, to help improve its tarnished brand. Michael is considered second in command and is one of Kalanick's closest friends.

  • Zachary Reyes