Trump considering 'terminating' Russian Federation probe leader

He assured lawmakers Tuesday that he would follow the regulation concerning the special counsel, which says that Mueller can only be fired for good cause.

House Speaker Paul Ryan told reporters Tuesday any talk about Trump wanting to rid himself of the special investigator amounts to "rumor".

The authority to appoint a special counsel fell to Rosenstein, after Attorney General Jeff Sessions recused himself from the Russia case because of his failure to disclose during his January confirmation hearing pre-election meetings he had Russian ambassador Sergey Kislyak. Rosenstein wrote a memo to Sessions on Comey, which was then used by the administration to justify firing the director for his handling of the Hillary Clinton email case previous year. Richardson refused and resigned, as did Deputy Attorney General William Ruckelshaus. He later noted that it was up to Mueller to determine whether the issue might be part of his investigation, adding he thought Mueller "ought to review that".

Trump and his supporters cast Comey's testimony that he had told the president he was not personally under investigation as vindication.

WASHINGTON (AP) - Attorney General Jeff Sessions heatedly denied on Tuesday that he had any undisclosed meeting with the Russian ambassador or conversations with Russian officials about the USA elections.

"There's a growing concern that the Russian Federation investigation is taking too long", Sen. Brian Schatz, D-Hawaii.

There's had been little indication from Republicans that they would take Mueller's dismissal so seriously ― until today.

But expressions of discontent with Mueller are bubbling up nonetheless. "Don't waste time trying to undermine one of your few allies", Ruddy said in a statement released to various media outlets. The pair is also expected to meet with Mueller as soon as this week, Schiff said on Tuesday.

"We are all advising him not to [get rid of] Muellerl; that has not changed", one Trump aide told The Daily Beast.

Peter Carr, a spokesman for Mr. Mueller, declined to comment. In general, it is impermissible to ask prospective government hires about their political leanings, including whether they've made donations.

It wasn't clear whether Ruddy, who speaks with the president often, was basing his remarks on a specific conversation with the president or entirely on Sekulow's comments.

The committee leaders said in a statement that they "look forward to future engagements" with Mr Mueller. Rosenstein appointed Mueller, a former Federal Bureau of Investigation director, as special counsel last month.

The president was pleased by the ambiguity of his position on Mr. Mueller, and thinks the possibility of being fired will focus the veteran prosecutor on delivering what the president desires most: a blanket public exoneration.

While Ryan did not say what he and other GOP lawmakers would do if Trump sought to fire Mueller, his words signaled that such a move would not be tolerated and may have been meant to influence the president.

Gingrich struck a different chord in an interview with CBS' "This Morning" on Tuesday, flatly denying that Trump is considering firing Mueller.

The Washington Post and The New York Times both said Mr Mueller was seeking interviews with three Trump administration officials who were not involved in his campaign - director of national intelligence Dan Coats, head of the National Security Agency Michael Rogers and Richard Ledgett, the NSA's former deputy director.

  • Leroy Wright