Theresa May orders public inquiry into Grenfell Tower blaze 'tragedy'

A massive blaze has devastated a 24-story apartment block in west London.

Eleven bodies that have been spotted inside have not been recovered.

The death toll from the blaze is 17, but that figure is expected rise significantly.

As fire chiefs, survivors and the public praised the heroism of London's emergency crews, it brought back awful memories of 9/11, when I witnessed first-hand the fearlessness of another city's firefighters.

Mr Corbyn was backed by David Lammy, the Labour MP for Tottenham.

- The final death toll is unknown; there's no number on the missing.

- Thirty-seven are people in the hospital; 17 of them are critical.

- The Prime Minister visited the site Thursday.

He said hundreds of thousands of people living in similar tower blocks throughout Britain will be "frightened, traumatized and very, very worried" until more is known about how the blaze proved so deadly.

A criminal investigation has been launched in the wake of the fatal fire.

Firefighters search for survivors inside the tower. The amount of firefighters that have gone into this building, the exhaustion levels they battled through, it is nothing short of heroic. Her staff will remain on the scene for days, and the search of the tower would be a "slow and painstaking process".

Rita Ora has also reached out to those affected by the fire.

Edwards added he had wanted to tell Sky about the Fire Service retirement age being raised to 60, before he was interrupted.

The building, dating back to 1974, is owned by the local government council and houses some of the poorer sections of the working class in the north Kensington area of London, one of London's richest boroughs in terms of funding and amenities. High-rise buildings are built to keep any fires that start in the unit where they begin-with fire-resistant materials from steel and concrete to resistant coatings and insulation.

"The feeling is, among the less privileged, that they get nothing and that the more privileged get everything".

Originally constructed in 1974, the residential tower block recently underwent a $13.2 million (£10.3 million) refurbishment carried out by private developers Rydon and completed last summer. But the focus has turned to renovations completed a year ago that added decorative touches to the building.

He said: "We have to face the fact that no fire in a single flat should have caused such devastation". They put me on their shoulders so I didn't have to walk.

Aluminium-composite panels used to cover the facades of the high-rise were quickly identified by onlookers as appearing to help the fire take hold.

This involves barriers in the building - such as fire-resistant doors and walls - to confine a fire, or at least slow the speed at which it can spread.

Corbyn said afterward that he was "very angry that so many lives have been lost when the system didn't work".

In a message on Twitter, Ms Harman said: "Theresa May should have met Grenfell Fire residents".

He doubted older firefighters could have endured the long, gruelling fighting the Grenfell fire, asking: "Can anybody imagine a crew of 60 year old firefighters spending six hours in that environment over that night, doing what they did?"

But it also has pockets of deprivation like the housing estate where the doomed 24-storey Grenfell Tower stands.

During her speech, she said: "I want to reassure the residents of Grenfell Tower - all of whom are in our thoughts and prayers - that the Government will make every effort to make sure that they are rehoused in London and as close as possible to home". The government repeatedly committed itself to reviewing fire standards in buildings but to date has not done so.

"This will need to be a lot of work between us and other investigating agencies to establish what has happened and why and that is going to take a considerable period of time". "Right that govt (sic) should requisition to rehouse Grenfell survivors".

  • Leroy Wright