SUV jumps curb after crash in Midtown Manhattan, hitting 2 pedestrians

According to media reports, the vehicle lost control around 37th street and Ninth Avenue around 12:30 p.m. on Thursday.

Eight passengers in the SUV and two people in the livery vehicle - a driver and a passenger - were evaluated after being involved in the crash. Witnesses said five people were in the SUV. One of the pedestrians, a woman in her 40s, sustained a leg and head injury.

One witness, Jonny Giordani, 41, told the Daily News: 'I think the SUV saw the yellow light and made a decision to accelerate'. Their bumpers collided. The SUV continued and struck a parked van, then went up onto the sidewalk.

The SUV, had Georgia license plates, became wedged between a broken tree and the windows of a luxury apartment building called Hudson Crossing, according to WNBC.

Daiffallah said two other men were also hit, but were not hurt badly. The rest suffered minor injuries and are in stable condition.

Police said the investigation into the crash is ongoing.

  • Larry Hoffman