Steph Curry says he doesn't want to go to the White House

Ian Clark, who played parts of two seasons with the Jazz, earned a ring by scoring 19 points in four games for Golden State, although he didn't play in Game 5 via coach's decision.

He was still wearing his sweaty uniform, ankle braces, kneepads and game shoes but, oh, there would be more partying. But that's, think about our team - if we were built like Cleveland, and we had Kyle Korver and [Channing] Frye and [Kevin] Love, that makes ideal sense. It was the second parade in three seasons for the Warriors. A fabulous first one with and for Durant.

Durant, who lost in his only previous Finals appearance in 2012, led the way for the Warriors with 39 points and was relieved after feeling pressure to deliver prior to the game. "Rather than talking about how to break up or knock down a championship-caliber team, my focus should be on how we do a better job developing more great players in this league".

As unforgettable for the rest of the National Basketball Association was the way the Warriors attacked the season, blending Durant's inside power with Curry and Klay Thompson's outside shooting to create a deadly combination and potentially long-lasting one.

"It's different just because of what happened past year to be honest", Curry said.

"These guys are so gifted and committed to each other and so unselfish", Warriors coach Steve Kerr said. In fact, for about 20 years the Golden State franchise was nothing short of woeful. "It's different just because of what happened past year".

With one of those picks from the Warriors, the Jazz took Rodney Hood at No. 23 in 2014, and he has worked out reasonably well.

"We're obviously just getting started", Curry said. It's not about who scored what. I think it's the nature of competition. "You don't want anybody to have to sacrifice in that sense, you don't want to force anybody to take that approach but at the end of the day we know what's best for us as a group going forward". While some, like superstar quarterback Tom Brady, had nonpolitical reasons for doing so, many players stated in one way or another that they were staying away due to their disapproval of the current administration.

"Frankly, I think it's why Trump couldn't be more ill-suited to be president, because he's a blowhard", Kerr said in an interview. Whatever it is, the big-money contract will be a hefty raise from the $12 million he earned on the way to a 16-1 postseason. There are the Warriors, and then there are 29 other teams. He can score, has great court vision, defends and maybe more than anything else, is everything you want in a leader.

  • Julie Sanders