Spanish Prosecutors Charge Cristiano Ronaldo With Four Counts Of Tax Evasion

Gestifute said the company, Tollin, does not amount to an offshore structure for evading taxes and was established in 2004 when Ronaldo signed for Manchester United.

"Ceding image rights to (Tollin Associates) was completely unnecessary and its only objective was to create a screen to hide the totality of his image rights income from the Spanish tax authorities", the statement said.

"Cristiano Ronaldo has always shown since his arrival at the Real Madrid C. F., in July 2009, a clear willingness to comply with all their tax obligations".

On Tuesday, June 13, Spanish prosecutors released a statement accusing the Real Madrid man of setting up a business struture to help defraud authorities.

Ronaldo was also accused of declaring earnings of 11.5 million Euros from 2011-14 when he actually made 43 million Euros, and declaring that the money was earned in real estate so as to lower his tax rate.

Prosecutors in Spain have accused Real Madrid striker, Cristiano Ronaldo, of defrauding the authorities of millions of euros in tax.

The prosecution claims that during those four years Ronaldo would have avoided paying a grand total of €14.7m to the Spanish tax authorities.

"The Prosecutor's Office says that the player declared the income derived from the transfer of image rights as income from movable capital to evade taxes". The prison term is expected to be suspended as is common in Spain for first offences for non-violent crimes carrying a sentence of less than two years.

Ronaldo denied the accusations through his representatives late on Tuesday.

Gestifute, the company owned by Ronaldo's agent Jorge Mendes, have so far been unavailable for comment.

It is not yet known what punishment Ronaldo could face if he is found guilty, but it is likely that the case will go to court.

Ronaldo, 32, a four-time Ballon d'Or victor, is not the first high-profile footballer to find himself the target of legal action by the Spanish tax authorities.

  • Julie Sanders