'Sorry' Theresa May promises to reflect on changes after election setback

Britain's general election resulted in what the English call a "hung Parliament", conjuring grisly images from the Middle Ages but actually meaning no party got a majority.

Corbyn said that he still could become the United Kingdom prime minister following snap general election where the Conservative party lost parliamentary majority.

"This will allow us to come together as a country and channel our energies towards a successful Brexit deal that works for everyone in this country - securing a new partnership with the European Union which guarantees our long-term prosperity".

The results of the UK's general election are in. but there wasn't a clear victor. May said outside Downing Street after returning from Buckingham Palace, where she received the Queen's permission to form a government, though the Conservatives lost at least 12 seats.

Pundits predict May will be forced to resign, making her one of the shortest serving prime ministers in history. Corbyn says there's enough opposition in Parliament and in May's own party to topple the government.

The gamble failed, with the Conservative party losing its strong polling lead over the course of the campaign.

With just a handful of seats left to declare, Friday polls shows gains for the opposition Labour Party.

"This is a major disaster for her personal authority over the country and the Conservative Party, particularly because she made this election all about her "strong and stable" leadership", Jane Merrick wrote for CNN.

The Tory housing minister is the author of a book entitled How To Win A Marginal Seat, although it proved not to guide him through to victory on this occasion.

09 de junio de 2017, 15:44London, Jun 9 (Prensa Latina) The British Labor Party leader, Jeremy Corbyn, considered today unbelievable the results of hiss party in the general elections held on Thursday, where they managed to add 29 new deputies to the parliament.

May in April had chosen to call the election three years ahead of the schedule to try to strengthen her hand in talks with the European Union to pull Britain out of the single market. Now lets get to work, ” she said. The leader of the DUP confirmed that talks are happening.

Britain's typically right-wing press savaged May over the election outcome, questioning whether she will be able to remain in power after a result that leaves her reliant on uniting rival factions within her party to deliver Brexit.

While Baldwin's snap election led to his party being booted out of office, it also unified the party rank-and-file around protectionism and gave them a clear platform moving forward.

The Labour MP, who has been a critic of leader Jeremy Corbyn, said he recognised the party ran an "effective campaign" but a Conservative prime minister now sits in No 10.

  • Zachary Reyes