Panoz unveils all-electric GT project for Le Mans

The GT-EV was created by Don Panoz, a guy with a predilection for racing weird cars.

Doctor Don Panoz and Jack Perkowski have unveiled their radical new GT vehicle this morning: the Green4U Panoz Racing GT-EV. Green4U co-founder and CEO Don Panoz announced the plans on Thursday at Le Mans, and said that the auto aims to follow in the mold of previous Panoz innovations.

Panoz is expecting that his Green4U Racing GT-EV will be given the "Garage 56" wild-card entry by early 2018.

"We pushed the boundaries when we brought Sparky [the 1998 Panoz Q9 GTR-1 Hybrid] and the DeltaWing to Le Mans". Currently, however, Panoz estimates the team would need 10 battery packs for Le Mans, as the auto has a 100-mile range in race trim. If the ACO is impressed, Panoz hopes to get a spot on the race grid under the Garage 56 slot, which is reserved for experimental cars.

"Our team is focused on achieving the speed and range of current road racing sports cars", said Willis. Conceptualized by renowned auto designer Peter Stevens, who has contributed to the design of many vehicles such as the Panoz Esperante GTR-1, the design (BELOW) features a unique two-passenger, jet fighter-style passenger compartment where the passenger sits behind the driver.

Its primary goal is to match the speed and range of current petrol and hybrid racing machines using a single battery pack, before changing batteries in the same time it would take to refuel a conventional vehicle.

ABOUT Green4U Technologies, Inc.

As a result of the acquisitions, Green4U Technologies, Inc. realizes immediate motorsports development, engineering and manufacturing expertise and capabilities. He followed this a year later with the world's first successful modern hybrid race vehicle - the Panoz Q9 GTR-1 Hybrid - affectionately known as "Sparky". The development of the electric race auto was done at Panoz' headquarters in Braselton, Georgia and the Green4U has a range of 90 km, on the race track of course.

His Esperante GT2 took class honours at Le Mans in 2006 and he subsequently invested in Ben Bowlby's innovative DeltaWing design and took over the project at the end of 2012.

  • Julie Sanders