Nintendo Switch's Super Mario Odyssey Is Bestselling Game And Nintendo Won E3

There is not a single new game announced for the Xbox One and the Sony PS4 that is anywhere to be found in the charts. Nintendo has stated that playing as Cappy is a good option for new video game players altogether, with a simpler control system, while whoever is controlling Mario takes charge of the camera.

During yesterday's Nintendo E3 2017 Spotlight, the Japanese publisher showed a brand new Super Mario Odyssey which revealed new locations and new abilities.

The coolest new feature is that Mario can throw his trademark red hat at enemies, and then take control of them - so instead on just jumping on Gombas and Koopas, you can now play as them.

Last but not least was the confirmation that there would be a new Metroid game and Yoshi would be getting its own stand-alone game for Nintendo Switch as well.

More gameplay was shown off for the recently announced Pokkén Tournament DX for Nintendo Switch, an enhanced version of the pocket monster fighting game on the Wii U.

Besides that, Nintendo also revealed that there will be Amiibo support for the game with Tuxedo Mario, Tuxedo Bowser, and Tuxedo Princess Peach that will add costumes to the game.

In the first show floor demo, Nintendo gives us a tour of New Donk City and introduces us to some of Odyssey's interesting new mechanics.

Nintendo isn't ready to talk multiplayer for Super Mario Odyssey yet, heck, they won't even outright say yes or no!

There are also some rumors that Nintendo might be working on a bundle for Super Mario Odyssey for the Switch.

Fire Emblem Warriors A series with a cult following, more gameplay has been revealed for Fire Emblem Warriors.

The Nintendo Direct E3 2017 presentation provided a big update on the new 3D Mario adventure, being released October 27, 2017.

The latest Yoshi game for the Switch looks to be a combination of "Yoshi's Woolly World" and "Paper Mario".

  • Arturo Norris