NDP and Greens announce plans to form government

They won. Christy Clark is still premier, until the B.C. Liberal government is defeated in a confidence vote in the legislature, or she decides to resign as party leader.

"If there is going to be a transfer of power in this province, and it certainly seems like there will be, it shouldn't be done behind closed doors", Clark said.

Clark, whose Liberal Party won 43 seats, just one short being able to form a majority, said she plans to reconvene the legislature in early June and will test the will of the House after consulting constitutional experts. That's one seat more than Clark's Liberals, and the Greens have agreed to support and sustain an NDP minority government.

British Columbia Premier Christy Clark takes part in a news conference in Ottawa on December 9, 2016.

On Tuesday, the NDP and Greens formalized their alliance in a four-year agreement that commits to raising minimum wage to at least $15, increasing the province's $30 carbon tax by $5 per tonne annually beginning next April, and launching a review of labour laws.

If her party fails this vote of confidence, than it is up to to the province's lieutenant governor, who is appointed by the Queen, to either call another election or call on the NDP to lead.

"The BC Green Caucus will remain its own party and will be a ... recognized party". "But we have a six-week and a three-month timeframe for preliminary response and final response".Horgan reiterated a promise from the campaign saying the NDP will eliminate tolls from Port Mann and Golden Ears bridges, despite Weaver saying they were good public policy.Judith Guichon. So she will recall the legislature and make the NDP and the Greens defeat her on a vote - which, Ms. Clark conceded, they nearly certainly will.

Green leader Andrew Weaver campaigned to keep them, and proposed expanding the user-pay principle to other big infrastructure, such as a second crossing of Okanagan Lake at Kelowna.

"And it's not just with Green MLAs, but with Liberal MLAs as well", Horgan said.

Beyond electoral reform, the BC Greens and the NDP also have their collective sights set on introducing a ban on corporate, union and foreign donations to political parties while placing limits on personal contributions.

"None of us have done this before", Horgan said.

Norman Ruff, a longtime observer of B.C. politics, described the NDP-Green plan as ambitious and evidence of their political will to join in ousting the Liberals from office.

Trudeau's spokeswoman Andree-Lyne Halle said the federal government would continue to "work constructively with provincial and territorial governments on the issues that matter to Canadians".

The B.C. Liberals are fighting back against the NDP and Greens.

"British Columbians have been waiting 16 long years for solutions to so many problems, and we want to help".

Simons said he had met with his rural caucus colleagues "and we're well aware of the need to ensure that the message that we have is one that reflects the rural needs".

And when asked if he could work with the Greens on future bills-the Greens having said they would consider supporting Liberal bills if they felt they were right for B.C. -Letnick said only time would tell.

  • Leroy Wright