Local Resident Furious That Theresa May Ignored Grenfell Victims

It wasn't - it spread and it spread upwards and it spread outside as well through the cladding.

'The gravity and heat of the fire mean that it would be an absolute miracle that someone would have survived, ' the commissioner lamented referring to the fire that took over nearly all of the 24 floors and 120 homes that make up the property.

Crews using an aerial platform were going "floor by floor" shining lights into the building, BBC reported.

Firefighters trying to race into the building were protected from falling debris by police officers, who placed riot shields over their heads.

But at the 120-unit Grenfell - which had no sprinkler system and just one stairwell - at least 17 people were killed as flames raged through the tower Wednesday just after 1 a.m. when many residents were asleep. But posters bearing photos of children, young mothers and entire families testified to the fact that many remain missing. "There are still bodies to find in that awful building". Some residents have complained that there was no sound of an alarm during the fire.

The cause of the fire is not known but there has been speculation that a type of aluminium composite panel, with a combustible plastic core, enabled the fire to quickly engulf the building.

"If they tell us that the cladding is the problem or how cladding is put on, or there might be some other issue that no-one has thought of yet, that is what will lead that investigation".

David Sibert, Fire Brigade Union fire safety expert, said: "What's happened in this fire today is like nothing that anyone in this country has seen ever".

He said: "I was up for the suhoor". "The fire is now out, there are small pockets of smoldering". "Most of the people I could see were Muslim".

The Philippine embassy in London in its Facebook page confirmed that Filipinos were among those injured in the fire.

Asked if the death toll could climb to triple figures, he said: "From a personal perspective, I really hope it isn't".

"We as the police, we investigate criminal offences - I am not sitting here and saying there are criminal offences that have been committed, that's why you do an investigation, to establish it". "That's why you do an investigation".

"We've already started to get a lot of people calling in to say, "Of course we will do it"."
We need to have an explanation for this.

May said all of the Grenfell victims will be rehoused in London.

Mayor of London Sadiq Khan gives a press conference on Thursday while visiting Grenfell Tower, a residential tower block in west London which was gutted by a blaze on June 14, 2017.

Seventeen people were still in a critical condition in hospital on Thursday and dozens believed to have been in the building when the fire broke out are still missing or unaccounted for.

  • Salvatore Jensen