Labour advance in United Kingdom election inspires a Bernie Sanders supporter

Mrs May gave no details of the pact with the pro-Brexit DUP, whose 10 seats, when combined with the Conservatives' 318, will give the party the majority it needs to form a government. "I would have thought that's enough to go, actually, and make way for a government that will be truly representative of all of the people of this country".

When May took the extraordinary step of calling a snap election in April, the Conservatives enjoyed a 24 point lead over Labour in the opinion polls.

She wanted a strong hand for a hard Brexit negotiation.

May's party fell short of an overall majority following Thursday's vote, and plans to work with Northern Ireland's Democratic Unionist Party. Such moves helped draw in Labour voters who had initially been sceptical of him, as well as win support from within influential party figures, such as Tony Blair's ally Alastair Campbell. Indeed, Northern Ireland might save May's Conservatives in another way if the republican party Sinn Fein follows party policy by not taking up their seven seats.

"If the poll is anything like accurate, this is completely catastrophic for the Conservatives and for Theresa May", George Osborne, who was the Conservative finance minister from 2010 to 2016 when he was sacked by May, said on ITV.

The outcome will throw Britain once again into upheaval less than a year after the country's decision to leave the European Union, which led the pound to collapse about 15 percent against the dollar between June and October 2016.

Tusk spelt out the problem on Twitter: "We don't know when Brexit talks start".

European Union budget commissioner Guenther Oettinger said the European Union is prepared to stick to the timetable that calls for negotiations to start in mid-June, but also said: "Without a government, there's no negotiation". It is unclear, however, how stable such a government can be and how long May can stay at its helm. "Both told they'd do no good in a general election".

May has said that she will begin to form her government, with the support of the DUP (Democratic Unionists Party). Corbyn accused the Conservatives of undermining Britain's security by cutting the number of police on the streets.

"I'm afraid we ran a pretty awful campaign", Ms Soubry said.

Voters may have been unimpressed with her refrain that "no deal is better than a bad deal" because it raised the prospect of Britain crashing out of the EU without a trade-and-immigration system to replace the existing, well-integrated procedures that have evolved over decades of European integration.

But her campaign unravelled after a policy u-turn on care for the elderly, while Corbyn's old-school socialist platform and more impassioned campaigning style won wider support than anyone had foreseen. Before May went through the largely symbolic process of seeking the queen's approval for the new government, DUP leader Arlene Foster had told British media that it would be "difficult for (May) to survive" and that "it is too soon to talk about what we're going to do".

But north of the border the Tories performed strongly under the leadership of Ruth Davidson, winning 12 new seats as the Scottish National Party lost ground.

The polls put Theresa May's Conservative party so far ahead, that she believed an election would lead to a huge Conservative Majority in the House of Commons.

  • Leroy Wright