Kathy Griffin claims she got death threats over Trump beheading stunt

To top it off, Griffin was even contacted by the secret service to inquire about the comic's intentions, forcing her to retain a criminal attorney.

In addition to losing her job hosting New Year's Eve on CNN, Griffin said five of her shows have been canceled in the fallout from the photo.

Griffin appeared surprised at the number of cameras and reporters in a packed conference room at her lawyer's office in Los Angeles, her hands shaking at one point when she took a sip of water.

The Republican National Committee (RNC) said in a statement that Griffin was "playing the victim" and "blaming others for her hateful actions".

Kathy Griffin was defiant and at times spoke through tears during a dramatic press conference on Friday (2 June).

After receiving a backlash on Twitter following the release of the photo Griffin asked Shields to remove it and swiftly apologised, tweeting about it in a video. "Forever. You guys know him - he's never going to stop".

Griffin lost her job with CNN over the stunt, as we reported previously.

"It's quite clear they are trying to use me as a distraction and I'm not going to be collateral damage for this fool".

Griffin stood by her apology and said she never intended the image to come across as a threat to the president, or suggest that she advocated violence against anyone.

New Jersey Governor Chris Christie called Griffin "disgusting" and said the photo was "completely outrageous". While the 56-year-old apologized in response to the outrage-saying she feels "horrible"-she also said the backlash from the first family is bullying". "I feel disgusting. I have performed in war zones".

Speaking on Friday, Griffin insisted it was a parody meant to address Mr Trump's remark previous year that former Fox News presenter Megyn Kelly had "blood coming out of her eyes, blood coming out of wherever". "This wouldn't be happening to a guy, this is a woman thing", she said.

A distraught Griffin said while her humour may not be palatable to everyone, she did not deserve the vicious online onslaught she has been facing.

  • Larry Hoffman