Judge reaches verdict in Michelle Carter trial

The Massachusetts judge in the texting suicide trial of Michelle Carter will deliver his verdict Friday at 11 a.m. ET, according to the court. Roy was found dead of carbon monoxide poisoning inside his truck in 2014. It is not clear when the judge will issue his verdict. The 20-year-old MA woman is facing involuntary manslaughter charges for coaxing 18-year-old Roy into killing himself in 2014.

Carter was 17 when her boyfriend Conrad Roy, III ended his life. This is the reason why the case is being closely monitored by legal scholars. If the judge convicts Carter of manslaughter, it could set a legal precedent in MA. The state does not have a law against encouraging someone to kill themselves.

During closing arguments, Assistant District Attorney Katie Rayburn said Carter told Roy his relatives would be fine after his suicide and she would take care of them.

A judge has reached a verdict in the trial of a MA woman charged with manslaughter for sending her boyfriend dozens of text messages encouraging him to kill himself.

Carter's lawyer, Joseph Cataldo of Franklin, argued that Roy, who had previously attempted suicide in 2012, had long planned to kill himself.

Bristol County prosecutor Maryclare Flynn portrayed Carter as a manipulative person who enjoyed her control over the teen and hoped to win sympathy for herself among her high school friends as a result of Roy's death.

  • Larry Hoffman