I will retain my title at Money in the Bank: Jinder Mahal

Five superstars will make WWE history this weekend when they take part in the first ever Women's Money in the Bank ladder match. Let's predict them all. "I would definitely like to face off against John Cena, and not just face off against Cena but to defeat him as well".

The participants in the Money in the Bank Ladder Match team up for a huge Six-Man Tag Team Match in SmackDown LIVE's main event. WWE jumped the gun in giving him his sixteenth title at the Royal Rumble (despite how fantastic his match was with AJ Styles) and he received a two-week reign as a result; thus, they shouldn't make that same mistake again at this point in time.

It that's not enough, Randy Orton tries to win back the WWE World Championship from Jinder Mahal. Aside from that this was pretty forgettable and hasn't really done much for The Celtic Warrior's career in the long run.

"Yeah I would love to see Great Khali back to the WWE".

It should be noted that Rusev's wife, Lana, will be challenging Naomi for the "Smackdown Live" Women's Championship at "Money In The Bank". And the Colons are doing way better having dropped the travel agent gimmick and getting back to basics as heels, busting out some impressive power moves during the match. The sad thing about this one is that Del Rio could have gotten some serious heat and established himself here had the company not made a decision to have Kevin bloody Nash interfere in the whole affair.

Joel Lampkin: The Usos have been great, their repackaging has been great and they are surprisingly great on the mic but their lack of presence has been a real issue, propping The New Day to be seen as the top guys on SmackDown Live. Lana holds up the SmackDown Women's Championship before the segment fades.

If there is one weakness to Corbin's game, it's his robot-like ability at times.

Kevin Owens - Of all of the performers in this match, it is a guarantee that the current United States champion will not win the Money in the Bank ladder match.

The cash-in certainly had a big shock factor, but the whole thing kind of felt just wasted.

Joel Lampkin: Jinder Mahal, what more can you say about the Maharaja? Eastern Time. The event has a run time of approximately three hours.

The Miz's cash-in was ideal for the heel character that he has gone on to flawless over the years, but the resulting title reign remains as one of the most divisive in recent years. With only days before the first ever Women\u0027s Money In The Bank match, WWE dropped a tweet that has many fans scratching their heads.

With WWE's recent tendency to push superstars into the title picture with no warning (see your WWE Champion, Jinder Mahal), our money's on an unexpected win for Carmella. I am nervous for every match, not just this match.

  • Zachary Reyes