Here is how to download iOS 11 right now

The update includes a long list of features, some of which Apple didn't have time to formally announce during the long keynote.

For iPhone 5S and above owners, you will still get to benefit from the iOS 11 software update, which should roll out from Autumn this year. It's clearly an attempt to bridge the user experience gap between a Surface tablet and an iPad Pro.

On June 5, Apple introduced iOS 11 - the operating system powering iPhones and iPads - at the Worldwide Developers Conference in San Jose, California. But we must also say that Apple could take on an entirely new design language for the upcoming iPhone.

iOS 11 beta download sizes vary though most will hover in and around the 2GB beta file we downloaded onto the 4.7-inch iPhone 7.

When the iPhone was first released a decade ago, it didn't even have a copy and paste function.

Apple iOS 11 features a new app called Files which allows you to arrange and access all the files stored on your iPad or iPhone. Now, your iPhone or iPad will be restored to its pre-beta state. You can drag and drop things like photos, links, text, and more between apps. Interestingly, a developer has now found out that the Cupertino-based company has added the support for the feature in iOS 11 for iPhone as well but kept it disabled for users as of now.

The new OS "makes iPad more capable than ever". Your handwritten notes will even be searchable. Users who are just riding will have the ability to disable the feature when they are not driving.

Developers usually want the heaviest iron they can afford to reduce the time it takes to compile builds of their applications, and the absence of an updated Mac Pro for years, and an underwhelming MacBook Pro redesign late last year, has them feeling nervous.

A new customisable Dock on iPad allows users to pin frequently used apps and documents. You see a tile view of all open apps along with a preview screenshot of current status of the app.

The Mac was only part of the two-hour-plus keynote, since today's reality is that most of the attendees in the audience likely develop for iOS first.

We've all run low on space on our iPhone before, so this new feature is a bit of a godsend. It does have a similar look to it like Android, with everything in one place, but it definitely will help you get to where you need to go quickly. HomePod will be able to play music, read the news, send and receive iMessages, set reminders, listen to Podcasts, provide answers to general questions, check the weather and perform many other tasks.

Despite its size, the iOS 11 beta installation shouldn't take too long to complete.

You can move multiple apps and folders to different locations on the Home screen, move multiple apps in and out of folders, and move multiple apps and folders to different Home screen pages.

The new functionality promises to save you the hassle of scouring your home for the password to your home Wi-Fi router.

  • Arturo Norris