Heat, humidity expected for Father's Day weekend

Shower chances diminish further and further as we head deeper into the night. With enough sunshine, temperatures inland could reach or even exceed 90!

Friday will still see heat and humidity, but high-pressure building in behind a front will keep most if not all of the rain away.

Our Friday may start off with some sunshine, but clouds are thickening rapidly and there is an area of rain crossing New England from west to east. Rain could be briefly moderate for a time, west for the first part of the day, and east for the second part of the day and evening.

There may be some breaks in the clouds but, may be short-lived. Some of the showers may contain brief downpours. Temperatures begin in the 60s to near 70 degrees.

Morning clouds and leftover showers (mostly in southeastern areas) will likely give way to some brightening Saturday afternoon along with milder temps (mid- to upper 70s for many, except cooler at the coast). At least among all the showers and storms potentially popping in the coming days, we have a brighter and perhaps mostly dry Sunday. Tuesday he had highs in the 90s, yesterday in the 80s and today in the 70s.

Gusty southwest winds develop during the afternoon. Cloudy skies, mild temperatures, a chance for a few remaining showers, and breezy conditions are expected.

The best chance of strong storms will come Monday afternoon and evening. Expecting heavy rainfall with any storms that form. Saturday will be partly sunny and warm up into the upper 60's and low 70's exactly where our highs should be this time of the year!

Temperatures will drop from the 70s through the 60s this evening, under a partly cloudy sky.

  • Carolyn Briggs