Golden State Warriors unanimously decline to visit White House, Donald Trump

"It was 55 seconds left, and I went other over to half court line and I bent down, and I'm like, is this really happening?" "But we were able to keep our eyes open to someone who could make this whole thing complete".

"There's no doubt in my mind that (Kerr) will return as the coach of this team", Myers told ESPN.

"Kevin's journey, our team embraced him", Myers said. While James hasn't seen a dropoff in play yet, it's growing clear that he needs more help to get over the hump and beat the Warriors.

"I can remember that conversation on my sofa, the look in his eyes", Wanda Durant said.

"We're obviously just getting started", Curry said.

While the prospects of winning factored into his decision, Durant clearly felt suffocated by the bigger, more dominant personality of Russell Westbrook.

What numerous bandwagon fans might not know is that the Warriors used to be the league's laughingstock for years and years. "None of them. The ball's going to find who it needs to find at the end of the day, and that's those three guys".

"We put in everything we had, our heart, soul and sweat, everything", he said.

Curry responded to that asset quote, "I agree with that description if you remove the 'et'".

"I just wanted to come in there and just be me".

Curry and Durant also heard from former President Barack Obama with congratulations, though Durant said he was most excited that among 200 messages was a text from a high school girlfriend he didn't realize still had his number.

That all spells trouble for the rest of the league, who saw the Warriors capture a title in 2015, win a record-setting 73 games the next regular season before Durant moved to the Bay Area and the team became a juggernaut.

Golden State coach Steve Kerr has been among the most vocal figures in sports against Trump's policies.

"Somebody asked me about it a couple months ago like the hypothetical if a championship were to happen what would I do and I think I answered I wouldn't go".

It's certainly not uncommon for athletes to unwind with a nice celebratory cigar after a championship victory, but Steph had been waiting a year to smoke that very cigar and he meant to roast every last bit of it.

"We're going to do what our leader [Curry] does", Iguodala continued.

  • Julie Sanders