Georgia inmates remain on run after 2 prison guards killed

Later Tuesday, the manhunt shifted about 25 miles (40 kilometers) to the north to the city of Madison, where Sills said the two men burglarized a house and then two men fitting their descriptions were reportedly seen in a Family Dollar store less than a mile away.

The Madison, Georgia, police department later confirmed that the men had broken into a house and stolen clothing and "discarded their white correctional clothes".

A Georgia sheriff says a green Honda stolen by two inmates who killed their guards before escaping from a prison bus has been located.

It's not clear where they went after that, but Sills said he suspects they are no longer in the Madison area.

Sills said Dubose also has "ghost" tattooed on his right forefinger and "face" on his right pinky finger - signs of membership in the Ghost Face Gangsters.

Now they're the suspects for killing two sergeants from the Georgia Department of Corrections, 42-year-old Christopher Monica and 58-year-old Curtis Billue.

Authorities believe that they are still together and have not split up.

Monica leaves behind a wife, Corrections Commissioner Greg Dozier said. Rowe, 43, is meant to be serving a life-long sentence, while 24-year-old Debose is two years into his 20-year sentence. One officer was driving the bus and the other was in a seat adjacent to him.

Sills described the fugitives as violent repeat offenders and extremely risky, having taken the guards' 9 mm pistols.

"They are risky beyond description", Sills added.

The other prisoners on the bus were taken to the sheriff's office where about 3 p.m. some of them were put on another corrections department bus.

After shooting the two guards, Dubose and Rowe carjacked the "first vehicle that came by", Sills said, - a green, 2004 Honda.

Authorities said it is too early to determine if changes will be made to how Georgia inmates are transported.

At least one of the prisoners shot and killed the officers, according to Putnam County Sheriff Howard Sills, and then the two disappeared. Rowe had been in prison since June 2002, and Dubose had been in prison since July 2015.

'My biggest worry is they're going to kill somebody else, ' Mr Sills said. Reward money for information leading to their arrests continued to grow.

Sills said a reward had climbed to $130,000 for information that led to their arrests, and officials warned that anyone helping the inmates would be prosecuted.

The Honda was stolen from a Putnam County man at gunpoint following the killings of the corrections officers and the inmates subsequent escape from the transport bus about 6:45 a.m. Tuesday.

Both escapees are considered by authorities to be armed with 9mm handguns, the ones taken from the corrections officers after they were shot to death on the bus.

Sills was emotional as he described the initial scene to reporters.

Rowe and Dubose were on a state corrections bus with 31 other prisoners Tuesday morning when the two somehow got out of what should have been a locked, gated rear section of the bus, police said.

The inmates also carjacked a 2004 green Honda Civic 4-door with a Georgia license plate RBJ6601 on Tuesday.

  • Joanne Flowers