European Union roaming charges end on Thursday

Users that exceed their agreed minutes, texts and data will still be charged in the EU.

Call time, text and data allowances bought as part of a deal or monthly contract at home will be usable anywhere in the European Union at no extra charge.

It will be called "Roam Like Home", and will enable phone users to use their mobile at no extra cost when they're on holiday in Europe, which means the days of being surprised by a huge phone bill are finally coming to an end. However, you still need to be careful when using your mobile overseas, warns Good Housekeeping Consumer Editor Sara Benwell.

And companies include different countries in their roaming territories, which can vary further depending on whether the tariff is pay as you go or pay monthly, with O2 pay as you go customers continuing to incur roaming charges in the Channel Islands, the Isle of Man, Monaco and Switzerland, whereas O2 pay monthly customers will not.

Mobile roaming charges across the European Union are to finally end this week amid warnings to consumers to check their tariffs and remain aware of unexpected costs. You also need to keep on top of how much data you've used and how many minutes or texts you have left. It's also good to know the cost of data and calls so you know how quickly you'll eat through your allowance.

With the growing popularity of data heavy video streaming services such as Netflix, mobile users who do not know their roaming data allowance could leave themselves exposed to racking up significant bills while travelling overseas. Operators have had 2 years to prepare for the end of roaming charges, and we are confident that they will seize the opportunities the new rules bring to the benefit of their customers.

He continued: "The challenge for those providers who might want to steal a march will be in their ability to remain flexible in handling any changes resulting from Brexit". Although they offer operators some flexibility, monitoring travellers and their phone usage will no doubt be burdensome for operators.

European citizens till now had to worry about using their mobile phones at higher rates due to roaming charges with in the bloc.

  • Carolyn Briggs